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A3 Modeling

A3 Modeling enables the full spectrum of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) - Enterprise Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, Management Reporting, Multi-entity Consolidations, Dashboards and Adhoc Analysis - all under a single unified technology. Powered by our patent pending Spreadsheet Automation Server(tm) and leveraging highly intuitive, real-time consolidation "OLAP" database technology, solutions configured using A3 Modeling are:

Quick to deploy
Easiest to use for both end-users and administrators
Low total cost to own (TCO)

A3 Modeling also comes in a SaaS and has all of the power and flexibility of our "on-premise" version while delivering the substantial cost savings, labor efficiencies and conveniences of allowing us to host your solution. We work with a short list of award-winning data centers to configure highly optimized and scalable "turnkey" installations of A3 Modeling. Offload your IT hardware, software and maintenance costs to us for a surprisingly low cost. Hosted solutions reduce labor, save travel costs, and can be scaled instantly to meet your changing needs.

A3 Modeling Reviews

I would use this again
Anonymous Author
Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: Services
A3 Modeling is a reporting, budgeting and forecasting, Business Intelligence (BI) application easy for all users to understand. It is Excel based and the models use Excel functionality that users already know. Thus user acceptance training is minimal. The flexibility that A3 Modeling provides to meet user and IT requirements is key to the business/IT decision making process. The users can provide requirements to IT in an Excel spreadsheet. IT in many cases can adapt Excel spreadsheet (without additional complex coding) to a controlled and secure platform for implementation. Since many users have advanced Excel skills adequate enough to perform model maintenance, the need for consulting is minimal. A3 modeling leverages both OLAP and relational data sources for reporting. A3 Modeling provides web-based Business Intelligence (BI) platform with proper security for users to collect data for budgeting/forecasting and a controlled environment for loading data back to multidimensional (OLAP) and/or relational databases. Any financial model for complex allocations, eliminations, balance sheet walk forward reconciliations, driver based forecasting can be incorporated into an A3 solution that can be accessed by users from a central source. Since there is only one model to maintain on the enterprise server, the need for spreadsheet models maintained on user desktops and forwarded in emails throughout the organization is eliminated. Dashboards from internet access are also included with an A3 Modeling solution. Additional features that A3 Modeling offers are Workflow for approval processes and web portal for announcements/communication. The team at A3 solutions is responsive and cooperative when technical support is required. With 15+ years of experience working with this team, it is always amazing how fast technical issues are identified and resolved.
I would use this again
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(Director - Financial Reporting & Risk Mg.. at Global Infrastructure Partners)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: Private Equity
We have been using A3 Solutions to capture and report on our portfolio investments for almost 4 years to provide perspective. The product is extremely flexible and accommodates disparate data across our various portfolio investments (i.e. both meta data and year-end calendar vs fiscal). The company continues to heavily invest in their offering which has positioned us to report in a dashboard format. This product features are comparable to other commercial offerings at a fraction of the cost and the service from the A3 team (both development and production support) has been terrific. I have no reservation in recommending this to anyone evaluating FP&A solutions for their company.
I would use this again
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(Business Intelligence Architect at Plains Capital Corporation)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Banking
Great Enterprise Solution for Budgeting, Planning, and Financial Reporting ! A3 is an extremely powerful, yet affordable, enterprise grade financial planning and reporting system. The strengths of the system are: Flexibility - A3 has the ability to adapt to any environment or industry. There are virtually no limits to customization or functionality. It has been able to replicate the most complex requirements in our financial reporting. Value - A3 provides equal or better performance and functionality as the name brand options at a fraction of the cost. Self-Sufficiency - A3 promotes self-sufficiency in several ways. First, it requires virtually no support from IT, and a moderately technical user can support the entire system. Second, it empowers users throughout the organization to analyze and explore data that is relevant to them. Excel Based - A3 utilizes the tool that financial analysts and accountants are most comfortable with. A3's powerful Excel interface allows the user to leverage the full functionality and features of Excel. Security - A3 provides user level security that can be easily configured to satisfy SOX and COSO requirements.
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