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Aestiva Expense Report

Aestiva Expense Report can be installed for the entire enterprise. Aestiva delivers:

Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency Expense Report Systems
Distributed Systems (Servers installed around the world)
Scaling to Over 100,000 Users
Solutions Hosted In-House or 100% Outsourced
Deployment Planning and Opportunity Consulting

Aestiva's Expense Report Systems have low-IT overhead and can be deployed quickly. Our "simple-is-better" design philosophy matches well with the goals of Aestiva's enterprise customers. For further information please call Aestiva and ask for an Enterprise Deployment expert.

Aestiva Expense Report Reviews

I would use this again
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(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
Inexpensive and easy to deploy and then use. We used at our small but growing company while we were on Quickbooks, growing from 15 to ~80 employees. We had a number of travelers and managing their expense reporting was growing from an annoyance into a major time sink. We used Aestiva as an add-on to Quickbooks. It provided reasonably simple expense uploading from our users and approval by their managers. Then the program would pull those transactions into QB for us, along with the categorization from the expense reports by line item. It was not (at least at that time) cloud based. But it was very useful.

What I liked most
Easy to set up and use. And it was quite inexpensive.

What I liked least:
Not cloud based. But to be fair, that was a few years ago and the cloud was just becoming a thing. It may well be cloud based by now.

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