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Aestiva Purchase Order

Aestiva Purchase Order is one of the world's leading purchasing software packages. It manages the Create-Approve-Send-Receive purchase order process. Fast and Easy. Properly. Whether your purchasing process is simple or complex, you need to integrate with accounting or not, Aestiva Purchase Order will help.

‣ Easy like paper.
‣ Custom designed form.
‣ Includes advanced reporting.
‣ Automated approvals. Many combos.
‣ Receive goods, services, or invoices.
‣ Integration with accounting/ERP.
‣ No desktop software to install.
‣ 100% browser-native.

Super Flexible. Highly Expandable.
This Purchase Order Software can be expanded and assembled to serve different purchasing processes. As a Business Process Automation firm, Aestiva has special technology to configure the system almost any way you want.

More Reasons To Be Happy
We don't have any recurring software license fees. Call us radicals but we don't think you should be charged in year-two for work paid for and delivered in year-one. And we're upfront about our pricing too. See price chart below. Call today for a free demonstration.

Aestiva Purchase Order Reviews

I would use this again
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(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
Quick to implement and cheap. I used this a couple of years ago (2008-2010 timeframe) at a high growth tech company that grew from ~15 emps to ~80 during the time I was there. Managing POs went from fully manual, one at a time, to "we can't keep up". I looked at a number of PR/PO (PR = Purchase Requisition) management systems at the time and came down to Aestiva at the end b/c it was cheap and easy and it automatically fed into our QB system. It provided automated approval workflow, assignment of expense categories that hooked into, and therefore matched, what we had in quickbooks, and reasonably good reporting. The company eventually moved to a platform that integrated PR/PO, but this system worked very well while we used it.

What I liked most
Easy to set up and use for all parties, including the sales, marketing and IT folks who we required use it for all PRs/POs.

What I liked least:
The built-in reporting could have been more robust. That was a couple of years back, so they may have improved it since then.

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