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Axiom EPM Unified Platform

Our core and industry-specific solutions comprise one, truly unified platform—designed to accelerate enterprise performance management (EPM). Our unique integration with Microsoft® Excel® ensures Axiom EPM not only speaks the language of finance; it far extends its capabilities. That means no more relying on standalone spreadsheets. Instead, you can generate sophisticated modeling with minimal effort. Even the most complex enterprises benefit from our relational database design, which supports large and unique data needs.

Axiom EPM’s all-in-one design delivers:

  • One, single sign-on for all Axiom EPM applications
  • One look and feel that’s accessible to everyone
  • One approach for creating business logic
  • One facility to manage security
  • One method for generating reports and managing meta data
  • One information hub to consolidate disparate data sources

What’s that mean for your organization?

  • A short learning curve for end users
  • Increased efficiencies company-wide
  • High user acceptance and adoption
  • The ability to easily share information—tie strategy targets or profitability metrics to budgets and forecasts
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Axiom EPM Unified Platform Reviews

I would use this again
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(Senior Financial Analyst at Reliant Medical Group)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Healthcare
Axiom is easy to use many options. The system has great automation features and houses a ton of our data. The report writing is easy and professional, with wizards to help if needed. Users can leverage excel knowledge/formulas, as well as use SQL knowledge. Axiom support is top notch and seemingly work around the clock. They are helpful and always very fast in responding to the customer's needs. The times when they do not know the answer, they will follow up with you after doing some research. This is the first budgeting software I have used. Coming into a company that once used another platform, I can say that this system is easier to learn and use. The user friendliness of the system is key for people who want to get some budgeting software experience.
I would use this again
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(Manager at Reliant Medical Group)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Healthcare

The capabilities of Axiom EPM are facilitating a faster and more efficient budgeting process for both Finance and the organization’s approximately 99 users. As a result, both groups have more time to focus on core tasks essential to the company. For example, the organization has an Internal Transfer Process that generates expense off of revenue. Budgeting for this expense was a detailed process that took place at both the provider and department level. Using their legacy system, Finance was spending two hours every day during the three to four-month budget cycle tracking and documenting this expense. With Axiom EPM, Finance built a flip file that reduces two hours of work down to mere seconds and is set up to run itself through Axiom’s Scheduler. Another example of how Axiom EPM is assisting with a more efficient budgeting process is the organization’s creation of two different types of operating budgets. Every year, Reliant maintains a GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) or general ledger budget, in addition to an internal business model budget. The functionality and speed of Axiom EPM has allowed Finance to continuously streamline both processes. Ultimately, Axiom EPM is helping Finance shift away from manual tasks to more valuable data analysis.

For end-users, inefficiencies in the legacy software platform were slowing down the budgeting process. For example, they grappled with the platform’s inability to have a report and a budget workbook open concurrently, leaving them no choice but to toggle back and forth between documents. Axiom EPM offers side-by-side views that refresh in seconds.

I would use this again
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(Accounting Manager at Mary Lanning Healthcare)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Healthcare
Axiom is easy to use with endless options. The system has great automation features. The report writing is easy and professional. Axiom support is top notch. They are friendly, easy to get a hold of and always very fast in responding to the customer's needs. Axiom offers multiple possibilities inside the system from budgeting and forecasting to dashboarding and scorecards along with cost accounting and reimbursement modeling. The integration of all the systems is great because all the information is housed inside Axiom and this always for everything to work together and end users to see all the information under one system.
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