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The Box application programming interface (API) is fully customizable: Build applications to add unique functionality, develop new workflows, highlight your brand and more. Result: Users access content the way they need to, making them more productive. You can also use our platform to connect Box to other services, powering up productivity even more.

Need a custom, branded interface for your sales force? How about a seamless way for your users to access only the information they need for their projects? The Box API allows you to customize Box in an endless number of ways:

Showcase your company's content with custom-branded mobile applications
Save your employees time by letting them upload and share files in exactly the way your business demands
Create a custom data collection app that can automatically update the right files in Box

Box provides a rich stream of event and social data (also called Box Updates) that is extremely valuable for viewing and analyzing what's happening in your organization.

Display key trending files/topics in your organization
See what top employees are viewing and where they're collaborating
Integrate Box Updates into other activity streams at your company

Are you building a product that needs cloud content sharing? Box provides full programmatic support as your content service.

Save important customer files and data securely and safely in Box
Tag files and folders with location, categories and other meta data to facilitate easy access
Use Box's collaborative capability to add a social dimension to your application

Box OneCloud is a collection of mobile apps that utilize Box as their cloud file management system. With tools like our native iOS and Android app to app integration framework that cuts development time to just one day, it's even easier to join Box OneCloud. Learn more

Leverage Box as your app's file management system and browser, which includes offline access
Promote your solution directly within Box's popular mobile apps, increasing discoverability and qualified lead flow

Our robust platform enables you to integrate Box with the services your team already uses, minimizing the learning curve and increasing security, efficiency and reliability. The productive result: You spend less time on administration and more time focusing on what really matters – moving business forward.

With Box, Single Sign-On (SSO) can also be configured to work with your Active Directory, so everybody uses the credentials they already have to access Box.

Configure Box to validate all attempted logins, for increased reliability and security
Use SSO with any system featuring SAML, including Ping Federate, OneLogin and more
Leverage Active Directory to control account access through your centralized system

With the Box API, you seamlessly integrate Box into your intranet without affecting employees' day-to-day workflow or user experience.

Allow employees to browse Box folders and files from your intranet portal
Preview over 100 file types, directly from your intranet
Integrate Box search with your company's internal search engine to create unified results

Are you a Salesforce shop? How about NetSuite, Microsoft Office or Google Docs? The Box platform provides out-of-the-box connections with these common enterprise applications and more.

Create Google Docs and Spreadsheets right in Box and access Google Apps suite within Box
Access presentations, datasheets and other files on Box within Salesforce
Connect Box with up to 40 leading ECM systems, including Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum

Box Reviews

I would use this again
(Vice President of Finance at Location Labs)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Software; mobile
Box is a good solution for managing all the Company files. We purchased the service because of it collaborative and secured environment. It works extremely well, however, it does have some challenges. First of all, because of the security, you are limited in how you share data to non-company users. For example, we had to create Internal and External folders so that any files exchange with non-company users must be under the Internal folders (due to permission settings). Second, using it with Outlook is a bit challenging because if you want to attach a file, you need to make sure that the permissions are properly set; otherwise the receiver can't access them. Finally, some of the cool functions (e.g., assign a task to a file) can only be done in the Cloud and not on your local disk. You end up going back-and-forth between the Cloud and your local drive which is sometimes a pain.
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