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CashPro Accelerate

Bank of America Merrill Lynch CashPro Accelerate can help you gain efficiencies by speeding visibility into your daily cash position and account reconciliation by automatically populating account information directly into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With CashPro Accelerate, you can gain a clear view and pinpoint control to enhance your liquidity management decisions.

CashPro Accelerate Reviews

I would use this again
(Managing Partner at SSGT Partners LLC)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Consumer Product Manufacturing and Distribution
This is a very user friendly product and can quickly automate cash management at a basic level. While it is easy to use at a basic level, the power of this tool is really in what can be done with just a bit more time and effort. The tool is Excel based which makes it easy to understand. Using the power of automation, you can quickly automate accounting entries for upload into the GL, create custom cash worksheets, generate forecasts and create dashboards. The customer support at BofA is excellent and they are happy to assist you in customizing the tool to fit your business. Additionally, you can easily create the same type of forecasting and cash worksheets in any currency and create a consolidated cash sheet translated into the currency of your choice. The pricing of this tool makes it a very affordable automation tool for mid-market and growing companies. I highly recommend it.
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