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CashPro Online & CashPro Connect

With CashPro Online, business owners can manage cash flow more quickly and efficiently with the convenience of a single sign-on portal. Gain better control and real-time visibility into business accounts, no matter where—or when—you do your banking.

From viewing balances through initiating payments, managing receipts and making deposits, CashPro Online helps you benefit from a full range of banking solutions—all with a single password.
Access information across all your accounts, including up to 365 days of transaction history
Initiate account transfers, ACH payments and U.S. and foreign currency wire transfers
Make deposits from your office, saving trips to the bank
Protect against fraud with a full range of innovative solutions
View and initiate loan transactions
Automate spreadsheet data entry for timely, more accurate cash positioning
Reduce the time and cost of storing and retrieving paid checks

Manage your critical business functions, even when you're away from your office. With CashPro Mobile, you get streamlined CashPro Online capabilities on mobile devices, including Blackberry, Apple iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets*. Use CashPro Mobile to:

View account balances, payments, receipts
Unlock and deactivate users and reset passwords remotely
Experience the same robust, multi-layered security features as CashPro Online
Get email, voice, and text alerts about critical account transactions

CashPro Connect
Our suite of global file access solutions provides client integration tools designed to enable greater flexibility and scalability. CashPro Connect helps simplify your end-to-end experience through a multicurrency solution facilitating global origination and receivables with corresponding acknowledgements, reporting and robust communication protocols.

CashPro Connect is a set of file access solutions designed to provide greater flexibility and integration. This singlefile, multi-currency solution facilitates global origination of all payment types with corresponding electronic
acknowledgements and reporting. CashPro Connect helps simplify the end-to-end integration experience associated
with traditionally complex applications and channels.
CashPro Connect can enable you to:
• Contain costs by expediting file integration and improving straight-through processing
• Use one global standard (ISO 20022 XML) for payments, receipts, and reporting
• Leverage connectivity efficiencies to expand your shared service center
• Customize input and output formats for improved system integration
• Execute all foreign exchange payments easily and efficiently

CashPro Online & CashPro Connect Reviews

I would use this again
Member's Profile
(CFO at self)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: business services
We have found the product to be very manageable. we used both domestic and international. The help desk has always been very responsive and departmental specialist are always ready to step in and eliminate any issue we have. We use for all treasury functions including positive pay. The accesibilty to information is immediate and provides all the functionality that we require. I would recommend the product and would make the same decision. Training is always available and there is a willingness by the help desk to take as long as needed to train on specifics.
(Controller and VP at Centro)
The online tools available will likely not impact your choice of a bank as much as credit, interest, etc. but hopefully this review will at least prepare you. We switched to BofA 3 years ago and implemented CashPro to process ACH and wires, use positive pay, remote deposit, and online statements all online. The on demand availability is great although likely available through all banks at this point. Our implementation was terrible. After problem after problem getting everyone the right access, they finally shut down our account and started over with a brand new account and came out on site to set it up themselves. The trainings they offer are helpful and they have the friendliest help/support desk of anyone I have ever dealt with....which is good because we deal with them a lot. For any time of administration type of change, we end up on the phone with a rep for 30-60 minutes to get simple things done (set up new users, grant them proper access, change limits/permissions, etc.). Part of the problem is that their system is not intuitive AT ALL. You have to go to different areas of the application to approve different permissions (give someone permission to process ACH in one place, set up their daily limits in another place and then someone else has to approve them somewhere else...and all different places and processes to set up wire permissions) and sometimes hitting approve does not actually work. It's also unclear as to what changes need approval and which do not. Also the system is behind by about 2 versions of IE so if you accidentally or automatically upgrade, you'll be on the phone with the help desk again (or your IT dept). For the most part, we do not have many problems with the day to day use of CashPro, which is good because it would cause a significant disruption in our business. Unfortunately for CashPro, I do the administration functions and I'm the one writing this review.

What I liked most
Online transaction processing

What I liked least:
Anything having to do with administration

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