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Changepoint’s integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution provides complete project financial management, including total operational visibility, executive dashboards, advanced business analytics, streamlined invoicing and in-depth financial reporting allowing financial executives the ability to maintain top-line revenues with bottom-line profitability. Enhanced mobility access allows busy professionals to view the data they need to on a variety of tablets and smartphones.

The Power of PSA Software
Improving customer acquisition, service delivery, financial health and customer management are the cornerstones of a robust PSA solution. PSA software allows services organizations to:
• increase revenue
• drive strong margins
• ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
• increase market share
• participate as a strategic member of the business

Changepoint’s Financial Management Capabilities
• extensive financial reporting and dashboards for forecasting, margin reporting and portfolio health
• fully integrated invoicing and revenue recognition capabilities for faster cycles, more accurate invoices and clear visibility into revenue recognition
• complete support for multi-currency and taxation by location integration with financial applications including: ERP, CRM

Globalized Solution
• fully Unicode enabled
• multi-language support – in a single instance
• supports global currencies and taxation worldwide

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Changepoint Reviews

I would use this again
(Chief Financial Officer at Keste)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: IT Professional Services

Keste is an Oracle Platinum partner and systems integrator and I have been using Changepoint to manage our professional services projects since May 2010. In early June 2013, we upgraded to the latest release – Changepoint 2012, Service Pack 1.

Changepoint is a full-featured PSA solution and features functionality to:

  • optimize the management and utilization of individual resources
  • manage a portfolio of professional services engagements
  • invoice both time and expenses

Changepoint has allowed Keste to drive individual resource utilization and profitability via near-real time reporting. In turn, we’ve used the information to improve our individual incentive compensation programs. Similarly, we get very accurate information about the financial performance of individual engagements as well as portfolios viewed from various dimensions – e.g., practice areas, business units, and customers. It also acts as a knowledge item repository for contracts, statements of works, and similar documents. In short, Changepoint provides a single source of truth regarding services engagements and we’ve used it drive revenue growth and profitability.

Upgrading to the latest release – Changepoint 2012, Service Pack 1 – brought several new features to an already great product. The first thing I noticed was a refreshed user interface. The new look is crisp, modern, and easier to navigate. In addition, I can now “pin” my favorite activities for quick navigation. The second thing I’ve noticed is a very significant improvement in speed. I don’t know how Changepoint did it, but running reports now takes much less time which makes for a greatly enhanced user experience. And speaking of user experience, the new release now supports multiple browsers. I’m a Chrome user and I can now access Changepoint via Chrome on my desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. I’m a big fan of these improvements.

In summary, Changepoint is vital to our operations and performs as advertised. It’s a full-featured PSA solution that Keste has used for several years now to better manage engagements, increase utilizations, analyze lines of business, and improve profitability. I recommend it to any organization needing a PSA solution to manage their business.


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