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Distribution Manager from Global Software Inc.

Automate the Delivery of Key Business Information

Leverage the functionality of Microsoft Excel while automating the delivery of key business information to your critical users. Save time by eliminating tedious tasks of printing, copying, or creating email attachments just to deliver information to your end-users. Empower your users with a tool that delivers this business critical information in an intuitive and efficient manner.

Empower Users with a Tool that Delivers (H2)

  • Automatic delivery- Automate full delivery of reports and files using: email, printing and archiving
  • Easy conversion- Convert Excel docs to HTML and PDF format for delivery
  • Attach any file- Unlimited file attachments of all types
  • Mobile bound- Publish to mobile devices
  • It’s your choice- Optional selection of specific Excel worksheets for distribution

Email, Print and Archive

With Distribution Manager, users can assign and save a different folder location for each control level, define the default value for converting formulas by user designations, and pass parameters into the new file to be distributed. Users also have the ability to set automatic calculation of the worksheet prior to distribution, giving the recipients the most up-to-date information.

When distributing via email, users may email to an unlimited number of addresses, accessing their current address book. The emails are grouped by recipient, so each user receives a single email with multiple attachments- email consolidation at its finest.

Types of Distribution Content (H2)

  • Management reports
  • Financial statements
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly financial reports
  • Event photographs
  • Marketing promotions
  • Sales forecasts/reports
  • Internal company memos

Business Information