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DocQ Smart

DocQ-Smart is a powerful mobility enabled business system that provides incomparable value to the enterprise. DocQ-Smart delivers robust collaboration tools that empower people to connect via a wide range of mediums, collaborate, and innovate while optimizing their productivity.

DocQ-Smart provides the following key business tools, all fully integrated into one product:
Contact & Sales Management System
Document & Contract Management
Collaboration System
Marketing Campaign Management
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook email
Paperless Digital Signature

DocQ-Smart, through its intuitive interface, allows a business user to manage their customers and prospects, create and track marketing campaigns, generate sales orders, and fill-in contract documents using a true wet signature (note that a tablet or digital writing device is required to wet-signature features).

DocQ-Smart is perfectly suited for the tele-worker or mobile computer user requiring advanced collaboration and business process tools that will operate efficiently and securely via a 3G wireless network versus a traditional LAN/WAN network.

DocQ-Smart is Different from Other Business Systems
Hosted on-demand cloud-based system
Client application is designed specifically to support 3G and Wireless WAN technology
Embedded data, document, and signature encryption
Support of Tablet-based computers

DocQ-Smart is also a document management system. Based on your company's document retention compliance standards, DocQ-Smart will save and protect your documents for time specified. The detailed auditing system tracks the lifecycle of your documents.

Collaboration Product Features
DocQ-Smart is designed around 6 core components. Mobility, Productivity, Optimization, Security, Compliance, and Management. DocQ-Smart is designed specifically to support 3G and Broadband wireless technology. This enables the product to process large amounts of data with efficient use of minimal bandwidth. The product contains process and workflow management components that are traditionally only available with expensive enterprise management systems. These tools ensure that data is efficiently processed with a high degree of quality. Since Security is pivotal to today's business communication, DocQ-Smart incorporates advanced encryption and data security within the product. DocQ-Smart's reporting system gives users the information necessary to properly manage their business and maintain compliance.

The power of DocQ-Smart is based around its ability to securely share data. The product can create original documents or import from a multitude of sources and index them for easy on-demand retrieval.

True Data Collaboration
Client-Based Application DashboardWeb Portal & Customer's
Web Site
Social Networking Sites (i.e. MySpace, Facebook & Linked-In)
Active Web Conference Presentation System
Open Interface (API) to 3rd party applications

Additional Features
TECHNICAL SUPPORT: ITIQ provides 24X7X365 product technical support via phone, email, and remote hands-on guidance.
ZERO DOWNTIME: ITIQ's Tier 4 data center is designed using best in class enterprise architecture. Our data center is secure and fully redundant providing superior system performance.
TURNKEY SOLUTIONS: Since DocQ-Smart is a hosted solution, all systems services are ready for use upon subscribing to service. The set-up wizards and user configurable workflow system allow you to customize the application to your company specific business requirements.

System Requirements
OPERATING SYSTEM: DocQ-Smart Client software operates on Microsoft XP and Vista. Microsoft Mobile required to support phone access components. DocQ-Smart web features accessible via Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
COMPUTER HARDWARE: Intel-based computer desktops, laptops, net books, ruggedized portables, and tablet computers with a minimum 2GB of RAM. Also supports data collectors, signature capture peripherals, and Smartphones.
SERVER HARDWARE: No server or technical support services required since DocQ-Smart is a hosted solution.
SCANNER HARDWARE: DocQ-Smart supports any TWAIN or network-based scanning hardware.

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