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Duggal Visual Solutions Digital Display, Content & Networks

As thought leaders and innovators in the creation of high impact imagery, Duggal understands the correlation between the optimized visual and emotional experience and building an engaging audience connection. Having worked with world leading artists and designers, we know how images tell stories, educate and change perception.3

Duggal Media Solutions brings the same level of understanding into visual, interactive and experiential merchandising and digital display. With the exponential growth of digital media, brands and retailers are leveraging the efficiency technology delivers in the office, retail and public spaces. Our highly experienced team of digital media experts have partnered with clients to deliver brand appeal to innovative retail and public installations, directional signage and museum interactive exhibits. As a full service concept and creation, operation and maintenance provider, we also understand the opportunities in network platform delivery. Duggal has designed business networks of over 1,200 locations, providing engaging experiences and boosting the customer relationship with brands. Network solutions can also be customized for internal employee communication and education solutions.

While digital media, interactive display, mobile device integration and network technology are the platform of tomorrow, Duggal continues to lead as creative thought leaders committed to creating the optimized visual and emotional experience for our clients.

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Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Modeling
Duggal is a graphics house/printer in a world that has gone digital. The shrinking marketplace has made finding excellent vendors more and more difficult as that industry not so slowly contracts. Having dealt with multiple vendors, we found them at the time the “best” of what was available. They do good work, responsive, priced accordingly from an artistic point of view, but somewhat difficult to deal with from the operational/accounting end of the house. Their sales people were over bearing, non-responsive, difficult, cheap, pushy and every other adjective when it came to invoicing, negotiating large purchases, credit, terms, etc; this from a customer that was doing thousands of dollars a month.
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