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Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) software delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality, from operations management and financial management to human resource management and manufacturing. It connects the many moving parts of your organization, giving you better visibility into and control over what’s going on in your business.

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(VP Finance at Consulting)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Financial Services
There are better products out there and this one has not kept pace with the competition. Additionally, it does not seem that Microsoft has done much with it since they purchased it. It is too bad because it did enable us to do many things were unable to do prior to implementation; however, it has been four years and no major changes or enhancements that would be beneficial to our specific needs.
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(CFO at WEM Corp)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Retail & Real Estate

Great Plains is a product that ought to be retired. It was originally designed in the 1980's and the basics have not changed since. I worked with it in the 1990's and installed it in 1999 for a company with a Y2K problem. Recently, I worked with the system in a retail organization and a real estate company. I installed it in 1999 because it was the best supported mid-range software among it's competitors, and since it has been purchased my Microsoft, it still is. As an accountant with hands on experience with GP Dynamics it has a lot of clunky features. GP's way of recording transactions, accessing data, managing users are unique. It still has problems that most newer system have fixed. Getting locked out because the user shut down rather than logging out and is still being shown as logged in is one and having all the report formats look like they have been printed on a Dot-Matrix printer is another. I always thought it was not designed for accountants but for ease of use for non accounting personnel.

Twenty years ago, it's reporting package, FRx, was innovative in that accountants could program reports instead of programmers; it could do consolidations over many companies; you were not bound by the way the Chart of accounts was organized to produce financial reports; it could combine statistical and accounting date and do calculations in the report. It also had drill down features which Great Plains still does not have.

Great plains does have a good "new" feature that allows information to be dropped down out of a data base into Excel. Eliminates a lot of FRx reporting by using Excel instead.

The reason I bought the system is that it works; it can be maintained by non IT staff; the price was reasonable; it has good support (by now the solution to every possible problem should be in the help desk data base) and had, at that time, flexible reporting package. However, the basics still follow DOS logic and are inefficient and awkward.

I would use this again
(Controller at Critical Signal Technologies, Inc)

I have used this product at several companies in many different industries and find that it can adapt to the environment and culture well if the architects of development (the folks who roll this out) understand what they are trying to do and take advantage of the tools in GP. From a user perspective, it is relatively easy to navigate with only a little training and it's audit trail can be extremely helpful in locating the source of a problem. Like other technical products, it will only be as good as it is set up to be. If you choose to roll GP out with little or no attention to your needs, you won't be happy - and you won't be happy with any software for that matter.

It is also important to invest in training for yourself/staff, and some amount of support locally with a consultant who can keep you advised of updates and assist in implementing changes.

The only weaknesses I found with this product were within banking, where I could not input a check clearing date, or re-print a bank reconciliation with detail in the event I needed one. The security set-up module can also be a bit confusing. Finally, the more customization you implement will impact your ability to keep up with GP upgrades and keep costs in check. Each customization has an initial cost plus costs for each time it has to be revisited with each upgrade. GP has enough partners that this should not be a big issue, but if you find yourself looking outside the box enough, you should probably consider a different package.

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