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Introducing eRequester, an elegant, easy-to-use web-based purchasing application that streamlines your company's purchase order process. Your days of managing the paper trail are over. Learn more by visiting the eRequester website.
eRequester is a robust web-based requisition and purchasing solution that allows companies to define and implement more standardized purchasing practices to streamline and manage their supply chain. Designed for medium to large organizations, eRequester provides tremendous control over the purchasing process, and can help the entire organization run more smoothly. eRequester is simple to use, aids compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and delivers rapid return on investment.

eRequester Core Features:
Real-time integration with major accounting systems
Easy Requisition Creation
Intuitive Approval Process
One-Step Purchase Order Creation

In addition to the core features, eRequester also offers the following optional modules:
Multi-Currency Module
Web-Based Receiving Module
Project Module
Budget Checking Module
Request For Quote Module (RFQ)
Hiring Module

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(VP Finance at Teksavvy Solutions Inc)
As a cloud-based solution, eRequester has fulfilled our need to provide easy access by requsition approvers to review and route the purchase requsitions in an efficient manner. There were a few shortcomings that we encountered shortly after implementation which we had to have enhancements made to accommodate our needs. If you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use solution that provdies great audit trail support then eRequester meets that need and more.
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