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Expensify Expense Reporting

Import expenses and receipts from your smartphone, 98% of US banks and credit cards, plus a wide array of international banks. Expensify’s SmartScan technology will read receipts and automatically create expenses for them, or match them to expenses imported from a credit card. Ensure employee compliance with strict policy enforcement and process hundreds of reports with a single click with our bulk actions. Corporate card reconciliation and with digital signatures provides a full audit trail on all expense reports. A seamless integration with all major accounting packages rounds out the experience for a paperless, automated expense reporting system loved by both administrators and employees alike.

Expensify Expense Reporting Reviews

I would use this again
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(Finance Manager at Seeking Alpha)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Sales team
I work in a finance department where our sales representatives are overseas often. Expensify is easy to use for them and easy to manage for us. We also use it to reconcile company credit cards. Really recommend!
I would use this again
Anonymous Author
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Tech Startups
It is relatively simple and intuitive. We setup 100+ startups on this platform. It has built integrations with Xero and QBO (cloud based accounting platforms). This product helps with employee reimbursements and travel expense tracking by taking photos of receipts and note taking. There is still room for improvement with the ability to sync multiple expense accounts on a reimbursements into Xero of QBO.
I would use this again
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(CFO at Blue Shield of CA Foundation)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Consulting
Expensify is great and a tool I highly recommend. Superior customer service. Compared to Concur where you pay a set fee with Expensify you only pay for what you use. Easy to forward receipts quickly and free to your personal account and anyone can link with your corporate credit card. Our employees love it and I would highly recommend. Easy web and app interface - works globally including supporting various currencies. Say goodbye to excel.
I would use this again
(CFO at NineSigma, Inc.)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Managed innovation services
Cost effective, efficient, good baseline product. No frills yet it gets the core job done. We have not used it for reporting or integration into our financials, as we still do those entries manually. We are taking the implementation process one step at a time. Product support is good, and since it is a vetted app through Apple, the quality has been reliable and dependable for us and our use case. Additionally, the fact that the iPhone, iPad and web browser for this product are all integrated makes remote access a snap.
I would use this again
(Founder at Advanced CFO Solutions)
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Technology

Expensify is a great product that solves multiple pain points for small businesses. First of all, busy sales people and executives do not have to keep track of their receipts as Expensify allows them to take a picture of a receipt, provide a description and upload it to the Expensify website for later reference as they build their expense report on-line. Second, Expensify provides great controls and a well controlled work flow for the small business that usually does not have enough people to provide a good separation of duties. Expensify allows the individual who is submitting expenses for reimbursement to prepare the expense report, a second person (accountant or clerk) to review and verify amounts, compliance with corporate policy, etc. and finally an authorized check signer to approve the final reimbursement - all on-line and each has access to copies of the documentation and the preparers' notes. Finally, Expensify, when set up correctly, will automatically update the accounting records (QuickBooks, etc.) when the expenses are submitted by the employee and again once the expense report is approved and paid - slick!

Set up is simple and fast - easy for someone without deep accounting knowledge which is very important for small businesses. We love this program and recommend it to clients all the time.

I would use this again
(CFO at Communications Co.)
Quick, easy and cheap. We have been using this platform for about a year at our startup company and it was a snap to put in place and use. Literally 30 minute setup for a dozen employees (more since then) and you're off. So easy to use even the folks in sales don't complain. I could use more powerful reporting (BI style), but for what we're paying (it's dirt cheap), i'm not going to complain. And they have "team" and "corporate" versions which we don't use, so maybe they bring the remaining goods. Regardless, we like the platform and it is scaling with us easily and is inexpensive. And most importantly, people actually use it.

What I liked most
Drop dead simple to setup, propagate, and use.

What I liked least:
Their permissioning (from a management perspective) is a bit funky, but you get past it quickly.

(President & CFO at
I've only tried the system once in a limited test but I can see it cutting between 10 and 50% the time accounting would spend on processing Expense Reports, with the same savings to the Employee. I would suggest further testing for your needs, but definitely a product for consideration in your tool box.
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