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Fidelity Investments Guidance & Retirement

Investing to meet all your financial goals can be complex. So Fidelity offers you a wealth of guidance to help you manage them.

Save for retirement
Because most people will be primarily responsible for funding their lifestyle once they retire, it’s critical that you save for retirement first… before starting to save for many other goals.

Get guidance for life
Fidelity can also help you develop a more comprehensive savings plan that encompass all your financial goals.

Reduce your debt
Before you can start saving effectively for retirement, it’s a good idea to pay off any debt you may have. Learn how Fidelity can help you budget to get out of debt.

Simplify all your savings
By consolidating your retirement savings in one place, you'll get a single view of all your savings and find it easier to manage your accounts. You may even want to consider Fidelity's Portfolio Advisory Services (PAS) which provides professional management for your retirement accounts. ($50,000 minimum balance)

Fidelity Investments Guidance & Retirement Reviews

I would use this again
(Vice President & CFO at Thomas Publishing Company LLC)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Technology/Publishing
Fidelity Investments provides a premier product for mid-sized companies for retirement plans. My current company is the third mid-sized company that I have been CFO at where we have utilized their services. When comparing their fees, they rank among the big three of retirement service providers. Their investments are also very good performers, with many 4 and 5 star funds per Morningstar. They also are as diversified as you can get which allows for a good number fund selections for employees. This not only reduces their risk, theoretically, but our company’s risk as a fiduciary. And speaking of fiduciary, Fidelity is keenly aware of how to protect a company in this regard. Their quarterly meetings with us focus on that aspect as much as the performance of their funds. What sets Fidelity apart is their customer service. Our account rep is always in touch and updating us on new products and services. Our employees are very satisfied with calls into their representatives. They periodically hold workshops for our employees and offer one on one portfolio reviews. These have been very well received. Our enrollment is high. Since we do not offer a 401(k) match, we attribute this to the education process that Fidelity provides via emails, workshops, newsletters, flyers, etc. I would highly recommend Fidelity. There are other well know names out there, and while they all offer good funds with good managers and reasonable fees, in most cases, I must reiterate Fidelity’s customer service. It is second to none!
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