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FileNet Content Manager

FileNet Content Manager Collaboration Edition enables users to collaborate on business content with Lotus Quickr while leveraging FileNet Content Manager scalability, high-availability and multi-platform support. It is specifically intended for organizations that want to leverage the capabilities of ECM via the Lotus Quickr user interfaces.
FileNet Content Manager Collaboration Edition provides users with seamless access to enterprise content across the organization, using their everyday desktop applications such as email, Windows Explorer, desktop productivity tools like Lotus Symphony and Microsoft Office, as well as from the intuitive, easy-to-use browser interface of Lotus Quickr.

The integration between Lotus Quickr and a full use license of FileNet Content Manager provides advanced ECM capabilities:

Enables the discovery of enterprise content and provides seamless access to business documents across the organization, leveraging collaboration tools and every day business applications (for example, e-mail, Office)

Manages your organization's content as a secure corporate asset in an ECM system, allowing content to participate in Business Process Management, and to be managed in accordance with content discovery, automatic classification, and compliance and retention policies

Extends advanced ECM services and function to broader content and collaboration deployments

FileNet Content Manager Reviews

(CFO at Retail Company)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: Confectionery
While working with Genpact, I had used this software for a large Multinational client. This software is not suitable for large volumes, has bugs in the system coupled with frequent downtime. While it looks great to operate due to its ease, once it crashes, it becomes almost impossible to bring it back. We had to hire filenet experts, speak to their offshore offices and bring the system back that used to take a couple hours to few nights.
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