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Financial Accounting with SAP: 100 Things You Should Know About...

Written by Paul Ovigele

This book offers you 100 tips and workarounds that can be used within your SAP systems to increase productivity and ease-of-use. From account determination to statistical cost element, the tips have been carefully selected to provide a collection of the best, most useful, and rarest information. Improve your SAP user experience and pick up new skills in no time.

  • Perfect for the SAP ERP Financial Accounting user, super user, or consultant
  • Valuable expert insight without the consultant charge
  • Develop handy financial accounting skills through a hands-on approach and easy-to-follow layout

In this book, you'll learn about:

  1. Saving Time and Money
    With the time-saving shortcuts and workarounds provided, users of all levels will get the most out of their daily interactions with the system.
  2. Increase Efficiency
    Use these insightful tips to configure screens to your personal needs, streamline time consuming tasks, and ensure seamless data flow between modules.
  3. Work Smarter
    Your SAP user experience will be so much friendlier and easier, you may even find yourself saying "I had no idea you could do this that way."

Highlights include:

  • Account determination
  • Document splitting
  • Drilldown reports
  • Worklists
  • ABAP List Viewer reports
  • Cost of sales accounting
  • Statistical cost elements

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