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FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA)

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) provides a customer-centric approach to professional services automation that aligns your sales and services teams in a collaborative, cloud based system. FinancialForce PSA is native to Salesforce CRM and provides unparalleled visibility to help executives, project managers, consultants and salespeople generate higher win rates, improved utilization and exceptional customer satisfaction. PSA is built on the cloud platform.

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) Reviews

I would use this again
(Founder at Advanced CFO Solutions)
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Consulting
We implemented Financial Force in order to have a fully-integrated solution with and its PSA (Professional Services) module. While it took some good technology expertise to complete the integration, we are extremely pleased with the result. We now have access to more information that is more timely and more accurate than our previously "cobbled together systems" could ever provide. In addition, we are saving time and expense because the integrates Financial Force system allows our consultants to complete the majority of our billing and accounts payable processing so our accounting staff can spend time verifying and analyzing rather than processing transactions. As with all ERP implementations, we strongly recommend that someone with a solid understanding of accounting principles, reporting requirements and the metrics that drive each business be heavily involved from the selection through complete implementation in order to maximize the benefit and minimize the cost and difficulties that can be encountered when the implementation is driven by individuals or consultants who do not have the accounting / finance expertise.
I would use this again
(Controller at Private)
PSA is great and easy to use. Has kind of an Apple feel to it, which I appreciate. Integrates seamlessly with FinancialForce. Implementation was relatively easy.
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2 out of 2 would use this again

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