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Frank Rimmerman + Co. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Frank Rimerman + Co. are certified public accountants offering a variety of accounting, business consulting, and compliance services from multiple offices in California.

Frank Rimmerman + Co. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Reviews

I would use this again
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Semiconductor
I inherited the existing engagement of this company when I became CFO and had not had any prior experience of working with this firm. I was pleasantly surprised by the value pricing, and timeliness and quality of service. They made us feel like a worthy client and that our business was important to them. At other smaller companies I got the feeling that we were tucked into the firm's schedules to fill odd gaps of availability, regardless of when we were ready, or wanted the service provided.
I would use this again
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(Angel Investor / ex-CFO at Redpoint Ventures)
Worked for several years on our annual audit with a big 5 firm, but wasn't happy with either the cost or the staff provided (each year it got more expensive, and we received a more junior team.) We looked into a top regional firm, and were incredibly happy to find Frank Rimmerman. We did the annual audit for 4 years with a team from FR, and had a great experience. They put together a very efficient process, and worked closely with the management team in a very professional manner. They did they homework before sending in the audit team, and we well informed on the details of the process from end-to-end. I would wholeheartedly recommend Frank Rimmerman as an audit firm.
I would use this again
(Director of Global Accounting at Agrinos, Inc.)
Very helpful; plugged in from the Sand Hill to the International level. They are not shy on their advisory side, and give the time and patience needed to give substantive advice.
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3 out of 3 would use this again

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