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GoodBusiness Day Finder

GoodBuiness Day Finder (previously known as Euromarket Day Finder) is a day-by-day financial calendar specifically designed for global financial markets. At a glance, quickly find holidays affecting major financial centers, day-counts and value dates relating to forward foreign exchange contracts. GoodBuiness Day Finder is recognized worldwide as the market standard. It is used and relied upon by the FX trading community around the world.

GoodBuiness Day Finder :

Indicates good business days at a glance

Adheres to 'modified following' protocol and accepted standards of international financial markets

Counts days and indicates holidays affectingmajor currencies and financial centers

Indicates bank holidays for major currencies and trading centers

Includes 30-year Swap/mid-term table

Provides instant value dates, day counts and much more

GoodBuiness Day Finder also includes:

World Directory of Bank Holidays

An at-your-fingertips international directory of bank holidays affecting the world's financial markets — indexed for easy use.

The most up-to-date online resource for verifying all holidays affecting world financial markets. Trusted by financial professionals worldwide, our site is reasearched from source and updated daily.

A 31-Year Swaps & Options Calendar
Features long-term day counts & indicates holidays affecting major currencies and trading centers.

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