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Microgen Accounting Hub

To assure users of its integrity, any financial data warehouse (FDW) must reconcile reliably to the General Ledger (GL). An accounting hub enables transparency into the complex accounting rules, mappings and aggregations that turn operational system transactional data into summary automated postings in the GL. This provides for a three-way reconciliation among the FDW, GL and operational systems.

The Microgen Accounting Hub (MAH), an optimized Teradata partner offering, serves as the sole linking interface between both operational source systems and the Teradata warehouse. The MAH rules engine ensures consistency between the summary financial data sent to the General Ledger and the detailed financial data that analysts and power users pull via the warehouse.

With MAH on Teradata, leading finance organizations are reducing time and cost associated with manual adjustment of accounting rules and investigation of reconciliation issues. They are also gaining improved transparency into their financial results, enhancing audit capabilities and automating key tasks involved in data’s journey from source systems to the General Ledger.

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