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Obero SPM

Obero SPM is the only cloud-based Sales Performance Management solution which supports the entire end to end sales life cycle; automating processes for the offices of Sales, Finance and HR. Obero SPM integrates the Sales Planning and Forecasting, Incentive Compensation Management, Sales Profitability Management and Sales Predictive Analytics processes in a single unified application. Obero SPM is designed to be owned and managed by business. While addressing the needs of different teams, Obero SPM serves as a bridge connecting the Office of Sales with the rest of the enterprise. Financial data, combined with Employee/Compensation data from HR, and Sales managed Opportunity and Revenue forecast data, managed and analyzed together become a powerful tool in driving Sales Performance.

Obero SPM helps you to achieve way more than simple automation of the Incentive Compensation Management. Get in the driver’s seat with our solution, and drive true performance of your sales organization by optimizing plans, increasing motivation, and managing profitability with a forward looking approach to it! See Obero SPM in action, register for a free trial or live demo.

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