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Ordering as a Group

Individual meals, delivered together. Regardless of whether the company is paying for the meals, or the employees are paying for the meals themselves, Seamless makes it easy to order as a group. Everyone places their own meal order and then Seamless sends all the orders over to our restaurant partner(s) together to be processed and delivered at the same time. Each meal arrives in its own bag and no one had to leave their desk. Brilliant.

How it works:
• The organizer selects the restaurant(s) and specifies a delivery time.
• Eligible employees receive an email inviting them to order with the group.
• Employees click on the link, view menus, select a restaurant, and place their order.
• All orders are electronically aggregated and sent to the restaurant(s).
• All meals are individually bagged and labeled, and is delivered at a single, pre-specified time.

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(Vice President - Controller at Siguler Guff & Company, LP)
Online food ordering as a group has finally reached the level of norm in corporate offices across America. Leading the way is Seamless Web, which is the #1 online food delivery service, bringing in over $100 million in revenues on an annual basis. Seamless Web has made it extremely easy and convenient for our office in midtown to access a plethora of diverse restaurants across the area. Not only has this convenience helped our friday lunches on an operational standpoint, it has boosted office morale. With the ability to select multiple restaurants, colleagues of ours had the option to satisfy whatever craving they may had at that moment. With the option to pick and choose the exact time you want the food to be delivered, it created an organized atmosphere for all of our employees to plan out their daily schedule.
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