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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Audit and Assurance Services

PwC Assurance group provides assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business. We can also help your business improve its external financial reporting and adapt to new regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

PwC is the world's leading audit and assurance firm - our audit clients include almost half of the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 and many of the top ASX listed companies. However, our leading edge audit approach can also be tailored to meet the needs of any size organisation.

We have been appointed as auditor to thousands of small and mid-size businesses. In every case, the PwC audit is underpinned by our deep industry knowledge, wide international experience, and global network of skilled professionals.

Our Assurance & regulatory reporting services

We offer services in:

Financial statement audit
Financial accounting
System & process assurance (SPA)
IT Security
Other assurance services

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Audit and Assurance Services Reviews

Anonymous Author
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Software
We're an East Coast software firm and used PwC for audits for several years. They are by far the most conservative of the Big 4 audit firms in terms of positions taken on ambiguous GAAP. Their materiality is lower than any other firm meaning they will spend more hours and charge higher fees to accomplish the same task of producing an audit opinion. From a client service perspective, they are atrocious. They don't respond to phone calls when attempting to be proactive with GAAP issues. They're not timely in their responses to white papers. When they do respond they're often indecisive. In four years of auditing, they couldn't produce a comprehensive open items list, hours spent or sufficiently explain why they were consistently 10-20% over budget on fees. Additionally on complex issues, they're the only firm that doesn't allow the client to speak with their national office when consulting the national office, so on key issues, national office is only presented with one side of the story. As a former auditor, if I ran an audit and had as poor client service as PwC provided I'd be ashamed of myself. They seem oblivious as if this is standard operating procedure for them. We consistently received contradictory information on GAAP interpretations month over month and year over year causing both audit delays and multiple rounds of adjustments. Sometimes being forced to switch to one methodology in one quarter only to switch back in the next quarter. The East Coast teams seemed nearly unfamiliar with the entire software industry and had to keep reaching out to the West coast team to produce any useful information. In general, I'd recommend finding a firm that will commit to being responsive and reasonable rathering than using PwC. We initially chose them because their audit bid was the lowest of the Big 4, but it turns out they just consistently underestimate the work and bill more in the end.
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(Financial Analyst Manager at Zurich North America)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: Insurance
We use PwC for various audits throughout the year. I have been very pleased with the service received from PwC on all fronts. One aspect that separates PwC from other auditors I have worked with is their willingness to really understand our business. This makes working with them easier as time goes on and really allows for them to focus on the audit vs an ongoing conversation to clarify how certain types of business work in our company.
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(CFO at Retail Company)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Beverages
We hired PWC for Statutory audit and I found them very good. They were very difficult initially (first year of audit) but in the subsequent years, they were very objective when the confidence in the processes was built up. The people are fantastic and processes great. I think they are already doing great in India. Highly checklist oriented which is a great method for ensuring compliance. Highly recommended from my end in future.
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2 out of 3 would use this again

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