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Prophix Performance Management

Prophix delivers the best value by combining high-end functionality, low total cost of ownership, and the fastest implementations in its class.

An integrated performance management application that empowers organizations with budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, consolidations and personnel planning capabilities. Prophix enables organizations to create measurable targets against their business strategies ensuring that corporate objectives are met.

With over 20 plus years in this space, Prophix is the only solution provider in the marketplace to deliver cost-effective Enterprise level reporting and planning functionality in an easy to use and fast to deploy solution that generates virtually no IT resource burden. Today, Prophix has 2,000 plus customers worldwide and continues to grow and set the standard for Corporate Performance Management Solutions year after year. Indeed, leading industry analysts like Gartner, have ranked us #1 for Customer Satisfaction and #1 for Time to Deployment and Best Value in the CPM space.

Prophix Performance Management Reviews

I would use this again
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(VP Finance at Wastequip)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Manufacturing
Prophix offers a powerful and flexible solution to bring data from a myriad of sources, then be able to consolidate | report | analyze in order to make business decisions. I used this tool for consolidating our financials as well as creating sales & procurement data bases. Not difficult to implement, with excellent post-sale support. Highly recommend this product!
I would use this again
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(Mgr of Budgeting, Planning and Analysis at Vane Line Bunkering)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Tug/Barge Petroleum Transportation

We considered the initial cost high compared to our previous software (XL Reporter which is no longer supported) but comparative to a replacement software package. The learning curve is extremely steep and we have spent thousands on additional training and support and probably will spend thousands more to get the forecasting and budgeting complete. It would not surprise me if the cost of training and support would exceed the initial cost to purchase Prophix. The report writer is extremely poor and nearly impossible to edit and modify. For much of the formula building MDX language is required and not that easy for a non-programmer to learn/use. Unfortunately report writing in Prophix is not Excel based like with XL Reporter but an updated version is due out in January 2014 with a completely new (and hopefully better) report writer. The manual is not very helpful and is not up to date for version 10.

From a development and report writing aspect I would consider Prophix to be more of a programmer’s software package but once everything (budgeting, forecasting and reporting) has been completed it would be used as an fiancial/accounting software package.

I answered that I would use Prophix again. Not much choice now, we are invested in Prophix. It does have many benefits and no matter how difficult it can be to learn and use, we will make it work for us. Five year forecasting and combining data from our other systems with financial data are two real benefits we hope to realize in the future.

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