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The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making.

Consolidating relevant data from multiple sources into a single application
Exploring the associations in your data
Enabling social decision making through secure, real-time collaboration
Visualizing data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics
Searching across all data—directly and indirectly
Interacting with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics
Accessing, analyzing and capturing data from mobile devices

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(CFO at Petrotec)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Manufacturing & Maintenance
I have tried Qlikview and found it a easy-to-use BI software which can be implemented with low IT expertise which for us, finance professionals give us higher flexibility and quick response to our demands. It can be a cloud based platform /SaaS our a Server based one. This BI software can connect with most common ERP like Oracle or SAP or simply an excel sheet or access database through ODBC but it would facilitate if you have some SQL knowledge. Its multi platform which allow us to manage our dashboards through PC, smartphone or tablet. I strongly recommend a trial experience before any decision on any other BI software.
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