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Replicon TimeBill

Replicon TimeBill is a cloud-based time billing software solution that allows you to capture billable time and project costs quickly and easily to ensure fast, accurate client billing and on-time project delivery.

Easy-to-use timesheets

Streamline capture of both billable and non-billable hours with ease using fully configurable, hassle-free timesheets. Track time by clients, projects, and tasks for complete visibility.
Project set up and tracking

Create new projects in minutes and define key attributes like task hierarchies, budgets, project teams and more with ease.
Project costing and billing

Track internal costs to deliver projects and define and manage billing rates at the user, role, project, or client level.
Practice management

Automatically roll-up and track multiple projects within a practice for a consolidated view of revenue and performance by service practice.
Client management

Centrally view all projects for any client and roll-up project data for a holistic picture of profitability by client.
Multi-level approvals

Leverage highly flexible workflow that adapts to your business processes to ensure accuracy and compliance.
DCAA compliance

Ensure compliance with built-in alerts, emails, and approval capabilities that give you what you need to help you pass government audits.
Analytics & Reporting

Pull powerful information together quickly, without having to hunt it down or piece it together.
Easy Integration

Create fast and seamless integrations to your other applications with ease by leveraging Replicon’s flexible integration framework.

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(Director of Finance at E2 Optics, LLC)
We used Replicon for time and expense management and also project tracking of hour, billings and expenses. As a web-based product, it was easily accessible to our employees whereever they are located across the globe. it also facilitated time and expense approvals as managers are often located separately from our employees.
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