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Do you have a subscription business with monthly, annual, gift and other time-based subscriptions and spending too much time to figure out how to recognize revenue correctly per GAAP? Rev Rec will take each transaction and recognize the revenue correctly per GAAP, making booking revenue clear and straightforward.

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(Senior Financial Analyst II at HP Cloud)
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Software
I have been using Nitata RevRec tool for 1.5 years now. The company I work for is a software company with multiple products and with contract duration of 1 year or more. Doing revenue recognition with multiple elements in a excel file was a big pain and lot of confusion. When I was introduced to Nitata Rev Rec tool, I was immediately impressed by the ease of set up and ease of use. You can use this for stand-alone product or combine products (bundle). With-in a month, I was able to transition all existing data from excel file to the tool for my monthly revenue recognition. Has good reporting. This tool has become an invaluable tool for us to running billings report, revenue recognition report, and forecasting (future revenue from current sales).
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