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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Spend more time growing your business – and less time closing the books. Our planning and consolidation software can help automate and streamline your planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation activities – for shorter budget cycles, a faster close, and improved regulatory compliance.

Make better decisions based on what-if analysis and scenario planning

  • Increase collaboration for improved accountability and planning accuracy
  • Reduce cycle time, close the books faster, and align plans with strategic goals
  • Minimize risk by meeting statutory and management reporting requirements
      Available in a version for the Microsoft Platform and a version for SAP NetWeaver
      Plan better and act faster with instant insight into all relevant data and real-time planning capabilities powered by SAP HANA

    SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Reviews

    I would use this again
    Anonymous Author
    (Senior Director, Corporate Planning & An..)
    Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: Agriculture

    When choosing a system for consolidations, we evaluated BPC along with Hyperion and Cognos. We are a fairly large organization with a complex organizational structure, which was something that was very important to think about in our decision process.

    Ultimately, we chose BPC for our consolidations and ended up adding on planning functionality down the road.

    For us, the change was from Excel based planning to BPC and one of the great attributes of the software was that the interface is similar to Excel, so once the reports were set up, they were easy to run and analyze, even for non-experts. We were also happy with the ability to standardize our data and inputs across the organization. As I mentioned, we are a fairly large organization with a complex structure, which meant that standardization of data was important and extremely useful for us, resulting in increased efficiency. We were also able to gain more control and security over our data with BPC.

    The only issue we had, and the reason for a 3 out of 5 star rating, was the ease of configuring reporting. The logic and script writing is a bit complex, so users have to be fairly experienced to configure reports. This means that every time a report needs changing require a fairly long lead time to build and test the new report prior to using it in the production environment. Of course, this has a lot to do with the complex nature of our organization, but it has been a slight issue regardless.

    We are currently on version 7 and looking to upgrade to version 10, which should take away some of the report configuration pains. Regardless, if you were to implement a system like this, bet on a fairly large lead time for configuration.

    (Strategic Financial planning and Analysi.. at Kellogg Company)
    Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: FMCG

    We have used the SAP Forecasting tool and we did not continue using the platform due to complexity in the consolidation process and the complexity in writing the program to adopt the internal management reporting proess that is extremely unique in our company (used to be with largest consumer goods company in the world).

    It took as a while to install the entire applicaiton and not to mention that we needed so much training to fully launch the entire application.

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