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SAP Cash and Liquidity Management

Maintain full control over liquidity planning with help from the SAP Cash and Liquidity Management application. Manage your cash from sales orders to purchase orders with direct updates from your bank – for a 360-degree view of your treasury operation.

Extend your cash visibility and monitoring for maximum insight and accuracy
Leverage tools to accelerate receipts and optimize control of your working capital
Make better investment decisions and borrow at lower costs – improving returns

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(director finance transformation at wmg)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: Media

To evaluate the solvency status and the insolvency risk businesses my quickly identify the sources and application of cash inflow and outflows. Majority of the stand alone Treasury systems fail to limk the inflow and out flow of cash with its uses and sources because they are not ERP systems and lake of integration with the accounting systems create a challenge for these vendors ut SAP, Liquidity Planner on the other hand is robust product to link cash with the Liquidity Items,

To perform a cash accounting, ( direct method cash flow, SAP's liquidity planner tool is great innovation to solve the mystery of identifying the sources and application of cash. When you have millions of transactions every day across the globe and at the end of the financial supply chain, you have inflow or out flow, its critical for organizations to quickly link these flows with its sources ( revenue in most cases ) and uses ( expenses)

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