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SAP ERP Financials

SAP ERP Financials provides a complete and integrated solution for financial management and accounting. In addition, it enables your organization to manage its financial supply chain and internal control processes for effective corporate governance.

With SAP ERP Financials, your finance organization can realize secure and transparent accounting, improve its analytical capability, and proactively manage business performance, profit, and growth.

SAP ERP Financials gives you enterprisewide control and integration of the financial and business information essential to strategic and operational decision-making. It improves management of internal controls, simplifies financial analysis, and enables adaptive business processes. So you can transform finance from an administrative function into a value-focused and strategic part of your organization.

Sustainable Profitability and Growth
SAP ERP Financials allows you to maintain financial control and accountability – and empowers your organization to achieve sustainable profitability and growth. The solution enables you to:

Accelerate closing process through process automation, workflow, and collaboration
Increase effectiveness of your compliance efforts through comprehensive auditing, deeper reporting, and management of internal controls
Improve business analysis and decision support by deploying performance management tools that analyze your entire enterprise and its resources
Maximize cash flow through improved billing, receivables, collections, payments, and treasury management
Just as important, SAP ERP Financials delivers these benefits without disrupting your operations. The solution can be personalized for your employees, optimized to leverage customizations in your existing system, and deployed to meet your unique needs.

SAP ERP Financials Reviews

I would use this again
Anonymous Author
(Accounting specialist)
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Millwork Moulding Manufacturing and sales
SAP has been a great help to our organization in consolidating old systems and allowing easy access to the financial results every month. It also allows easy access to the detail behind the transactions and has done away with additional forms of backup of certain transactions and documents, freeing up storage and time at our facility.
I would use this again
Member's Profile
(director finance transformation at wmg)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $1 Billion +, Industry: Media
SAP's new GL is a timely solution to help organization make transition from US GAAP to IFRS, it also have parallel report solution with the use of different ledgers. You can prepare your financials according to US GAAP and IFRS in parallel with very little extra effort. New GL is also flexible and offers capabilities to add managerial reporting dimensions for complete P&l and balance Sheet. With New GL we successfully reduced our GL accounts from 10000 accounts to 2000 but still provided additional reporting dimensions to our executive team.
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2 out of 2 would use this again

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