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Scalar Partners Valuation Services

Scalar Partners is a leading provider of accurate and cost-effective business valuation services that comply with the strict standards of tax, accounting, and legal requirements. Specifically, Scalar specializes in valuations on behalf of private companies that satisfy the strict requirements of IRC 409A, ASC 718 (FAS 123R), ASC 805 (FAS 141R), and ASC 820 (FAS 157). Scalar also performs fairness opinions, solvency opinions, ESOP, and gift and estate valuations. Scalar's experienced team employs cutting edge valuation methods according to standards set by the IRS, AICPA, and NACVA. Scalar is an experienced valuation firm that takes a collaborative approach working with each client's auditors and lawyers to ensure a reasonable and defensible valuation outcome. Contact Scalar Partners to receive a premier valuation at an unbeatable price.

Common Stock Valuation - IRC 409A and ASC 718 (FAS 123R)
If you are a private company granting stock options or equity to management or employees, then you will need a fair market valuation at least every 12 months to comply with IRC 409A and ASC 718 (FAS 123R). Let us provide you with a top quality valuation at an unbeatable price with a 5-day turnaound time for the first draft.

Intangible Asset Valuation - ASC 805 (FAS 141R)
If your company has recently merged with or acquired another company, trust Scalar Partners to provide a top quality valuation of your tangible and intangible assets in order to comply with ASC 805 (FAS 141R) and 142.

Portfolio Valuation - ASC 820 (FAS 157)
The cost of complying with ASC 820 (FAS 157) is becoming more and more burdensome. Partner with Scalar in outsourcing your ASC 820 (FAS 157) valuation work so that you can cut costs and focus on your core business.

Fairness Opinions
A director’s fiduciary duty suggests that when considering an acquisition offer, a director should obtain a third party valuation opinion, or Fairness Opinion, to ensure that a fair price is being offered for the company. Directors should choose a qualified valuation firm that provides experience valuing growing private companies. Join other leading investors and directors in selecting Scalar Partners to perform your fairness opinion.

Solvency Opinions
Any time a company engages in a leveraged transaction, both debtors and creditors are concerned about the company's ability to meet future obligations. Aside from a company's mere survival, all parties involved face serious legal ramifications if courts determine that the company was insolvent at the time of the transaction. For this reason, board members and executives should seriously consider obtaining a Solvency Opinion in connection with a leveraged transaction.

ESOP Valuation
At Scalar Partners, we understand the importance of creating a culture of employee ownership. Let us show you how to value your company and begin the process of creating an employee stock ownership program in your company.

Gift and Estate Valuations
Gift and Estate valuations are critical to helping guide families through the intricacies of business and securities valuation. Scalar brings years of experience having performed hundreds of valuations.

At Scalar Partners, we understand gift and estate valuations can seem like a time-consuming, complicated and messy process. It doesn’t have to be this way. We invite you to join those who have selected Scalar Partners to affordably eliminate the hassle of gift and estate tax valuation. Scalar Partners provides a rigorous valuation methodology that will meet your lawyers standards while still saving you time and money.

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(BD and Ops Mgr at Occipital, Inc.)
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Software
Background: We are a small venture-backed startup with between 10-20 employees. We priced Scalar Partners against one larger bank and a smaller boutique valuation firm. Scalar was both cheaper (under 5K... not going to state the exact price so as not to paint them into a corner, sorry) and faster. Regarding speed, they claimed 5 business days from the time we submitted all the paperwork to generate the draft and 5 business days from when we got them feedback to generate the final report. They met the draft timeline and were actually faster than 5 days for the final... probably because we didn't have much feedback. What I liked about them was that they used a variety of valuation methods and took a weighted average of all of them. I prefer this to either relying too heavily on my individual forecasts or any one method in particular. We are in the process of pricing out the different vendors for our 409A valuation again this year, but so far they are the most likely candidate to win our business.
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