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Spreadsheet Server

Live Data from your ERP into Excel

We understand accessing up to the minute data beyond the General Ledger within Excel is critical to your daily operations. With Spreadsheet Server, you have the power to build financial and operational reports with drill-down capability right in Excel from your ERP.. Spreadsheet Server eliminates the re-keying or downloading of data into the spreadsheet and makes the spreadsheet an integral part your business environment.

Enhance your ERP Reporting Environment with Spreadsheet Server (H2)

  • Gives you live access to all of your ERP data within Microsoft Excel
  • Full drill-down capability to your reporting data
  • Eliminate requirement for IT or super-users to change financial reports
  • No server, staging area or data warehouse is required
  • Create custom queries from any relational database within Excel
  • Build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboard-type views of critical business data

Pre-configured Microsoft Excel Add-in for financial and operational reporting across ERP platforms

While maintaining the functionality of their Excel spreadsheet application, Spreadsheet Server allow the user to mix GL and Non-GL data from multiple platforms into a single worksheet. The combination live information from your ERP platform and powerful spreadsheet functions (charting, text formatting and sorting) provides the basics for building accurate, elegant income statements, balance sheets, and other critical statements.


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