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The SumTotal elixHR Platform is the first virtual single source of truth for all of your HR data, and it stands for "extending and linking HR information and processes". Get one global view of your workforce, advanced analytics and modeling, mobile capabilities and the ability to extend HR information into the other business applications your people already use — without the need for HRMS consolidation or full scale integration.

Whether your organization has inherited multiple HR systems through acquisition, reorganizes so frequently that your systems can’t keep up, or is still using spreadsheets, missing foundational people data is stopping you from really using your talent as a competitive advantage. Most organizations use more than 3 HR systems to provide information on their people that often comes from multiple countries. Add to that the fact that the information in those systems is infrequently updated by the average employee, and it’s no wonder why many HR organizations struggle just getting an accurate employee record.

You could try to consolidate all of those systems into one in order to create a more solid foundation for your people information, but at an average project cost of $6 million and three years to implement, and that information option is risky at best. In fact, nearly 2/3rds of organizations don’t even realize half of the expected benefits of their HRMS projects. Consolidating or replacing your current core systems just isn’t practical. Besides, you shouldn’t have to throw out what is working just to get everything from one vendor.

The industry’s only virtual system of record enables one comprehensive view of your people regardless of the disparity of your core HR data and eliminates the need for costly and risky core HRMS consolidations. The virtual system of record can also integrate with information and systems outside of your HR infrastructure, like operations systems or LinkedIn, and even pull in data from spreadsheets.

Comprehensive Employee Profile Gives you a unified view of your people and their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Workforce Analytics and Planning Pulls information from wherever you need it for analysis, helping you make better decisions on your people and ensure the success of your most important strategic initiatives.

Development, Competency and Job Model Frameworks A foundational system elements.

Employee Directory and Org Charting Allows you to search for and find people across your organization by any attribute you capture.

Portal and Portlet Capabilities Allows for intermingling of SumTotal and non-SumTotal applications in one space for the end-user, greatly enhancing the usability and practicality of your solutions. That means your people have access to needed HR applications in systems where they are already doing other work, and those tools support the work they are trying to do.

Comprehensive Social And Mobile Capabilities Bring applications to your end users no matter where they are and how they really work.

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