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SutiExpense is an easy-to-use web-based solution that enables companies to automates the entire expense management process. It helps reduce processing costs, enforce policies, and significantly reduces reimbursement cycle times.
Automating the expense management process eliminates manual processing tasks and costs such as filing, approvals, paper, manual entry and time delays in processing expense reports.
SutiExpense helps increase productivity levels of employees and makes tracking expenses easier for employees and management.

SutiExpense is a web-based expense management solution that manages and tracks your expenses easily. It speeds approvals, eliminates errors and manage every expense. A simple and intuitive solution that automates expense report process. It provides multiple ways to file expenses and analytical dashboards for understanding spending patterns. It has been integrated with accounting systems for faster reimbursement of expense reports.

SutiExpense can be easily configured to meet the employee expense reporting needs of small, medium and large businesses. Its intuitive and flexible design supports rapid deployment and adoption. No installation or maintenance required, simply deploy and start using our Expense Report Software Solution.

Employees can save time by:
Creating expense reports online.
Submitting expense reports in seconds electronically.
Approving submitted expenses anytime, anyplace.

Companies reduce costs by:
Connecting SutiExpense with credit card and accounting platforms.
Automating accurate data entry into internal systems.
Creating expense data insight to drive expense strategy.

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