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Wells Fargo & Company 401k/ Retirement Services

Since 1979, Wells Fargo has been serving the retirement planning needs of small and large businesses and now manages more than $17 billion in retirement plan assets. Benefit from our proven expertise to deliver exceptional results — let us help you develop a retirement strategy for your business.

As a business owner, you can choose from our full suite of retirement plans to find the ideal solution for your business. Plus, take advantage of our wide spectrum of investments to support the short term financial needs of your business.

Make tax-deductible contributions with this flexible plan that is easy to set up and maintain.

Offer a salary deferral plan for your employees that is easy and affordable.

Individual 401(k)
Maximize tax-deductible contributions at lower income levels.

401(k) Plans
Offer the highest level of employee pre-tax contributions, a wide range of employer contribution options, and an optional loan provision with these flexible plans. If you are a non-profit, we have 403(b) plans that you can offer to your employees.

Profit Sharing Plans
Reward long-term employees with tax-deferred growth and variable contribution options with these flexible plans.

Compare Retirement Plans
Compare the different types of retirement plans side-by-side.

Planning Solutions for Business Owners
Take advantage of our experienced, independent analysis and business valuation specialists to help you with the transition or sale of your business.

Personal Finance Solutions
In addition to helping with your business retirement opportunities, we have all the solutions you need to build personal financial security. From developing a comprehensive retirement plan, to growing your savings and maximizing your investment potential, our personal finance solutions are designed to help you reach all of your financial goals.

Take a few minutes to see if you're on track to meet your retirement goals by using My Retirement PlanSM, our retirement savings calculator.


Traditional IRAs
Allow your earnings to grow tax-deferred and, if eligible, your contributions may be tax-deductible as well.

Roth IRAs
Make after-tax contributions, but the money you withdraw after retirement may be free from federal taxes.

Invest with confidence knowing you have the resources and knowledge of Wells Fargo behind you. Our services are designed to meet your needs, online trading, investment advice and mutual funds to portfolio management, you choose the solution you want.

Trust Solutions
Entrust your estate planning and the secure transfer of your wealth to the oldest Trust company in the West.

The Private Bank
Comprehensive wealth management for high net worth individuals and families.

Wells Fargo & Company 401k/ Retirement Services Reviews

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(VP, Thought Leadership at Stampli)
When I was a treasury leader at a former employer the company had a 401K plan, two defined benefit plans, and a leveraged ESOP. Wells Fargo served as trustee and record keeper for all plans and was a great partner. The customer service was great from A to Z. The service was great on many levels, and as an example, I managed the benefit plan accounting, and they were always there to help. They were also there to offer great guidance as we merged DC plans into our 401K plan as we made several acquisitions. Finally, we "shopped" each year and could not find a better mix of pricing and dedicated customer service.
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