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WESPAC 401K Services

WESPAC designs plans that meet the specific goals of sponsors, such as maximizing contributions to valued employees or encouraging full participation. Primarily focused on 401(k) plans, we also have broad experience in the design of profit sharing, money purchase, defined benefit, ESOP, and nonqualified, as well as 403(b) and 457 plans.

401(k) plans allow employees to elect or receive current compensation or have part of their compensation contributed to a corporate benefit plan or stock bonus plan on a pre-tax basis. Rollovers and employer match are additional features available.
Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans.

WESPAC 401K Services Reviews

I would use this again
(CFO at Private)
Wespac is a great 401K service provider. I have used them at three of my companies, including my current one. I find them to be highly attentive and professional. And their prices are very good. I put them up directly against two other third party administrators in 2012 and they beat them both significantly on price. And by price I mean the cost of the services annually, including statutory reporting and all employee services. With that said, I sacrifice nothing on service. Their primary 401k mgmt. system integrates with Schwab, which works well and I never have to apologize to my employees for having a 401k system that works with a no name platform. They get 4 stars instead of 5 b/c the web-based platform that integrates with Schwab, which works fine functionally, is not the most robust from a reporting perspective. I as administrator, and my employees as users, would all appreciate more performance and historic reporting. Not a strong-suit of the platform. Functionally so far as making employee deferral changes, and running basic mgmt. reports, it's fine. But definitely could be better on the reporting side of things.

What I liked most
Great service (always there to take calls and quick response via email) and great pricing.

What I liked least:
Online user platform could use better reporting capabilities.

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