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Xero is online so you can receive automatic bank statement feeds into your accounting software each day.
You'll have much greater visibility of your cashflow and no more data entry or downloads.


A real-time view of your business at a glance, including bank balances and money coming in and going out.


Access to your accounts anywhere and at anytime. Your data is secure even if your computer is lost or stolen.

Work together

Give your accountant access so they can work on your books from anywhere and offer better advice.

Unlimited users

All for one monthly fixed price.


Connects with your bank accounts making reconciliations simple and accurate.


Generate and view interactive reports with ease.


See at a glance who owes you money. Customize, create, send and receive invoices.


Unlimited, around the clock email support and detailed online help center.

Xero Reviews

I would use this again
(CFO, Director of Finance, Consultant at Nextwave Software, Rethink Fabrics)
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Services, Distribution, Manufacturing

Xero is a relatively new entrant into the cloud-based accounting system field. Started in New Zealand, they started making a push in the US about a year ago and are making strong inroads against the likes of QuickBooks. Built from the ground up to run from the web, I am a big fan and have moved all the clients I am involved with over to their platform. Always available from a browser, and simple interface (not a bloated desktop with backup and file transfer issues), I actually enjoy working in their system. When I give access (read-only) to senior management at clients, they say that they finally "get it" when they look at reports.

They have built out a huge cadre of add-on partners, and I have integrated a number of them, depending on the needs/industry of my clients - Harvest Timekeeping, ZenPayroll, They all work flawlessly and save me a bunch of time!

I've converted QuickBooks users (for free) just to get them using the system and it is not too much work. Xero has built their own converter to help entice more people away from QB, so I will be trying that soon. Happy to help anyone who is interested in the system, give them a demo, etc. Fell free to get in touch!

Now a Xero fanboy... -Paul

I would use this again
(President & CFO at
Business where it was used: Revenue: Less than $10M, Industry: Consulting

I'm taking this baby for a test ride (using my books from last year). Easy to use; EXCELLENT Customer Service.

For basic service type businesses, so far so good. I have yet to fully use the all of the base product, but its very intuitive and as I said, if you have a question - ask Customer Service and answer follows pretty quickly.

I would use this again
(Director of Global Accounting at Agrinos, Inc.)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $10 - $100M, Industry: Variety

Xero is a GL in a shared cloud space that is designed to make remote access / collaboration easy. Sort of the opposite of QBOnline, in that it is just the core, not the extensions (inventory, crm, etc). It uses hundreds of third party extensions to do everything from POS to time cards.

Pretty bulletproof. Nothing fancy. Easy to deploy, easy to extend.

Why only four stars? It is still a little wet behind the ears. Way better than QB for many things, but some functions are still half baked (no show-stoppers).

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3 out of 3 would use this again

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