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Z-Business: Zuora’s Subscription Management Platform

Z-Business was built to help you launch and scale any subscription service. It enables businesses to design your pricing and packaging, start taking quotes and placing orders, automate your billing and payments, and keep tabs on your financials. All with a unified cloud solution that works across the front and back office. The needs of subscription businesses can vary based on size, scale and stage of growth. For this reason, Z-Business is available in Growth and Enterprise Editions providing the commerce, billing and finance capabilities that align with the different needs of high growth and enterprise businesses.

Z-Business: Zuora’s Subscription Management Platform Reviews

I would use this again
(Vice President & CFO at Thomas Publishing Company LLC)
Business where it was used: Revenue: $100 - $999M, Industry: Technology/Publishing
We recently migrated out billing system over to Zuora. We had been using Oracle for many years. Zuora is a new Saas based software. It is perfect for a company using a recurring revenue model.Their complete out of the box solutions were easy to implement. Unlike Oracle, not much customization was required. This cut down on cost and time to implement. Overall, we are estimating huge savings based upon Zuroa’s pricing model when compared with the cost of a traditional ERP system. Also, because it is cloud based, access is easier from any of our remote locations. We also are enjoying the fact that it is designed to work directly with This provides us with a complete end to end solution. I would highly recommend Zuora.
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