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Capitalization cost and Consolidation of financial statement

Shahbaz Hussain
Title: Manager Finance & Admin
Company: Knowledge Platform
(Manager Finance & Admin at Knowledge Platform)
I need help with a specific problem. We have 100% wholly owned subsidiary providing software services to only our company (holding company). We have incorporated payments to s...
1882 Views | 4 Answers/Comments

Related / Unrelated Income Classification for Non-Profit Corporations

(Project Accountant Specialist)
Hello, Wondering whether non-profit corporation is allowed to invest / buy 10 year note with real estate as a collateral. Will the earned interest income jeopardize the tax-exempt statu...
717 Views | 3 Answers/Comments

Inter Company Payroll

We have 5 companies that we run. The companies are all independent from each other. We outsource the payroll for all the companies. The payroll bill is paid by one company and the other...
1475 Views | 8 Answers/Comments

My company is considering changing its 401K Plan Provider from MassMutal to ADP. Can anyone give me feedback or references for ADP 401K Plans and Customer Service on the Plans?

Toni Van Burkleo
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Network Enhanced Telecom, LLP (dba Netwo..
(Chief Financial Officer at Network Enhanced Telecom, LLP (dba Netwo..)
2006 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Moving from Perpetual to Subscription Pricing - What is the expected ratio

Rich Braen
Title: VP of Finance
Company: Xangati
LinkedIn Profile
(VP of Finance at Xangati)
We are evaluating moving our current pricing from a perpetual license model to a subscription. Our subscription offering is not cloud based, it is still installed at the customer locati...
3032 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Trusted Advisor is About the Work, Not the Title

Joanie Mann
Title: Principal Consultant
Company: Cooper Mann Consulting
LinkedIn Profile
(Principal Consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting)
Trusted Advisor is About the Work, Not the Title Many accounting professionals believe they are THE trusted advisor the client comes to for advice and guidance on business financial ...
772 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

Why you’ll need a new way of thinking for revenue recognition

John Cook
Title: Independent Consultant
Company: Consultant
(Independent Consultant at Consultant)
Accounting professionals who have been involved with revenue for many years can recite the four criteria for revenue recognition as quickly as they can their children’s names&mdas...
1855 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

Are you able to identify some revenue forecasting solutions being used by major consulting firms (e.g., Mercer, Hewitt, Towers Watson)?

(VP / CFO)
2685 Views | 4 Answers/Comments

How Do you Know, Your Company is ready for an ERP?

(NSN - Nokia Solutions and Networks)
Many Companies think that they need to get an ERP at a point where they go past a certain Turnover/Profit. But are they actually ready? what points to they need to consider? ERP are sta...
1061 Views | 3 Answers/Comments

Finding The Leader Within

Lynn Fountain
Title: MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv..
Company: Business Consultant
LinkedIn Profile
(MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv.. at Business Consultant)
How do you define leadership? Do you consider yourself a leader? Can anyone be a leader? If once a leader does that mean always a leader? Take a step away from the typical definition of...
1657 Views | 3 Answers/Comments

Payment from Dept of Labor & Industries-Stay at work Program- How Do I report reimbursement

Cheri Chelone
Title: Controller
Company: MTC, Inc
(Controller at MTC, Inc)
We are a services business in the State of Washington. We have 5 locations and over 50 employees. Recently we found out about a plan from Dept of Labor call "Stay at work program&q...
1257 Views | 8 Answers/Comments

CFO Guide to Employee Engagement

Jennifer Eversole
Title: Partner & Knowledge Enthusiast
Company: Management Stack, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Partner & Knowledge Enthusiast at Management Stack, LLC)
Many companies operate within functional silos where the CFO is responsible for all things finance and the CHRO is responsible for all things employee. This often leads to conflic...
5060 Views | 3 Answers/Comments

Loyalty Payment to Customer: time based

John Paul
Title: Accountant
Company: TLS
(Accountant at TLS)
Hi, Hoping someone could help with an amortization issue and also any technical reasons why under IFRS and US GAAP. We pay our customers an upfront sign-on bonus (eg: $600), and if they...
810 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Management Report Discussion Tips

Event Questions
Title: Event Questions
Company: Proformative
(Event Questions at Proformative)
  "How do you respond in group meetings when every 'expert' wants to debate the numbers and report format, without focusing on the truth that is communicated in the...
575 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

FP&A Value Cycle – Data Leadership Strategy

James Myers
Title: Director
Company: FP&A Strategy Consulting
(Director at FP&A Strategy Consulting)
The great news is that all finance professionals can use validated learning 1 to impact business decisions, support them with data, then guide their organization through times of uncert...
2727 Views | 0 Answers/Comments

Is it investment or advice, or investment and advice?

Event Questions
Title: Event Questions
Company: Proformative
(Event Questions at Proformative)
  "With a privately owned company environment what role, if any, should Investors have in strategic management ?" This question was asked at a recent webinar, now a...
904 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Merging Management Reporting After An Acquisition

Event Questions
Title: Event Questions
Company: Proformative
(Event Questions at Proformative)
  "What would you suggest for improving financial reporting after a merger of businesses with different reporting standards/culture?" This question was asked at a r...
3125 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

Sales commission plan where if project overruns cost, commission is reduced?

(North American Marketing/New Business De..)
Have any of you heard of a sales commission plan where the final payout of the commission is based on the overall cost of the project? Meaning: if the project comes in under budget, the...
903 Views | 5 Answers/Comments

Startup Management Reporting Challenges

Event Questions
Title: Event Questions
Company: Proformative
(Event Questions at Proformative)
  "In the start-up world, things change all the time and reporting seems to defy “standardization”. How can we adapt a scalable, repeatable management reporting...
1311 Views | 4 Answers/Comments

Reseller Fees COGS

(Senior Accountant)
I work for a small software company and we recently sold one of our packages to the government of Nigeria. We went through a third party reseller and before transferring the payment to ...
927 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

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