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Payroll processing....

Ken Bozzini
Title: CFO
Company: DaBoz & Associates
(CFO at DaBoz & Associates)
We are a private company with 55+ employees with 1 employee in OR. We have a 401k and FSA, and use payroll to track PTO. We currently use ADP, along with its tax filing services...
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how do I account for a loss of asset

Judy Gardner
Title: NA
Company: NA
(NA at NA)
Company had fixed asset vehicle that was wrecked and totaled by insurance company. Received payment that was equal to book value. Do I debit Accumulated Depreciation and credit fixed as...
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Politics and Taxes - Why call for abolishing the IRS?

Annette Nellen
Title: Professor
Company: San Jose State University
(Professor at San Jose State University)
  We now have two presidential candidates who promote abolishing the IRS - Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul. (For example, see Christian Science Monitor of 3/25/15 on ...
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Need Feedback on Moving Production to Mexico

One of my clients has asked me to assist them in evaluating the benefits of moving their production from Orange County CA to nearby Tijuana Mexico, perhaps using a Maquiladora "She...
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Feedback on the PEO Insperity

(vp hr)

Has anyone worked with the PEO Insperity? Will you share your experience with us? Thanks

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Upgrading Accounting software, considering ERP for future scalability, any recommendations?

Carla Salazar
Title: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Company: Crafts Americana Group, Inc.
(Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Crafts Americana Group, Inc.)
We currently use Great Plains version 10. It served us well but would like a package built on new technology, on the cloud, reliable and secure. At this point I would like to replace ou...
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Top 25 Accounts Payable Best Practices

Julie Gilmore
Title: Auditor
Company: Broniec Associates
(Auditor at Broniec Associates)
When you hear the term “audit”, it tends to have a negative connotation. The fact of the matter is, an accounts payable audit is a process that can have very positive busine...
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Qualified Opinion - what now?

(Board of Directors, Audit Committee Chai..)
We may be issued a qualified opinion on our audited financials this year. We are opting to do this as we do not agree with the treatement of a specific item. We don't have much hear...
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Demanding Customers: Why You Should Cherish Each One

Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: CEO & COO
Company: Treasury Careers
LinkedIn Profile
(CEO & COO at Treasury Careers)
It is human nature to want everyone we deal with to be happy, and to avoid and dismiss those who truly challenge us. In business, this can be a huge inherent barrier to innovation and m...
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Strategy + Cost Reduction = Cost Optimization

Jennifer Eversole
Title: Partner & Knowledge Enthusiast
Company: Management Stack, LLC
LinkedIn Profile
(Partner & Knowledge Enthusiast at Management Stack, LLC)
Revenue – expenses = net income. It doesn’t take a math wiz to understand that reducing expenses increases net income, at least in the short term. But cutting the wron...
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Growing through Productivity Increases

Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
LinkedIn Profile
(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
Productivity is an economic concept that is discussed in the press quite often.  Increases in productivity occur when the quantity of inputs declines, to produce a measure of outpu...
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I am interested in the size of a traditional finance (CFO org) team in a $250M +/- public company? We have approx 50 Worldwide excluding order managment, IT functions which report to CFO but are not traditional "finance"

(VP Business Operations)
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How do you book pledges that the donor has cancelled?

Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Regional Youth Services, Inc. dba FAMILY..
(Chief Financial Officer at Regional Youth Services, Inc. dba FAMILY..)

We had a capital campaign drive. Employee who pledged an amount has resigned and rescinded their pledge.

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A CFO Success Story: Ken Goldman, CFO of Everbridge

Samuel Dergel
Title: Director - Executive Search
Company: Stanton Chase International
LinkedIn Profile
(Director - Executive Search at Stanton Chase International)
This following is from an interview with Ken Goldman, recently hired as CFO of Everbridge, as announced in CFO Moves. This interview was edited for clarity. SD: Ken, congratulations ...
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Revenue magic (that should be avoided)

Annette Nellen
Title: Professor
Company: San Jose State University
(Professor at San Jose State University)
  Revenue magic! H.R. 1891 (114th Congress), the African Growth and Opportunity Act Extension and Enhancement Act of 2015, sponsored by Cong...
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What are some of your company's best practices for an internal audit?

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Relationship Building with Auditors: It is Well Worth Your Time

Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: CEO & COO
Company: Treasury Careers
LinkedIn Profile
(CEO & COO at Treasury Careers)
In an audit relationship a two-way street of learning can make the audit process much less painful for both parties. Conversations among practitioners often consist of complaining ab...
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The Healthy Congress Index: OKRs for Our Legislators!?

Randall Bolten
Title: CEO
Company: Lucidity
LinkedIn Profile
(CEO at Lucidity)
I love metrics. I believe deeply in the practice of keeping score. And as a lover of metrics, I was delighted by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s announcement yesterday of a new met...
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As CFOs I think we should have a voice and a hand at this.....

Title: CFO
Company: C-Suite Services
LinkedIn Profile
(CFO at C-Suite Services)
I thought this would be a good read and discussion. As CFOs this is our realm and we can influence this. Please share your thoughts!
849 Views | 1 Answers/Comments

Cash or accrual basis tax treatment on deferred support/maint revenue?

Bryan Frey
Title: VP Finance/Corp Controller
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
In a software company, we will defer support/maintenance revenues collected in advance, and recognize the revenues over the course of the contracted for period (generally a year but som...
12744 Views | 2 Answers/Comments

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