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Kenneth Justo
Title: Senior Manager
Company: ACT
(Senior Manager at ACT)
What is the best off the shelf software for a professional services business with heavy time billing, present in various countries (intercompany and multi currency), requires consolidation and granular reporting, runs from a terminal server and can be used for client...
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Chris Shumate
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Dominion Development Group, LLC
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(Accounting Manager at Dominion Development Group, LLC)
I dabble in a little creative writing when I'm not working at my full-time job. I'm wanting to take my writing to the next level, but I'm looking for some direction. Does anyone on Proformative have experience working within the publishing industry, irrespective...
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Nanda Kumar
Title: Analyst
Company: RU
(Analyst at RU)
Hello members, I am looking for articles or insights into outsourcing of environmental management activities. Examples of Environmental management activities are compliance with environmental regulation, treatment of polluting effluents, waste disposal, minimization of use...
Anonymous Member
(Board Advisor and Investor)
Now that I've moved over to start up companies, I encounter PEO's (e.g. Trinet, Insperity, ADP) more often. I've used several of them at start ups that I advise. I'm interested in hearing other peoples' experience vs doing the HR, Payroll and Benefits...
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Andy Tan
Title: Supervisor
Company: AVS System Networks
(Supervisor at AVS System Networks)
In the company we are working now, it's required that Manager of each department has to set up annual targets/objectives for the department. It's quite easy for Sales or Production department to setup their targets, but for Accounting Department, all the works are...
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M. Feldman
Title: Controller
Company: Private
(Controller at Private)
I’m part of a small group tasked with planning a corporate retreat. The purposes in general are relaxation, team-building and brainstorming new ideas. I’ve got the relaxation part covered, if the other two don't get in the way. I could use some ideas,...
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(Director of Development)
I have been at current job at a nonorofit for 4 months and boss is incompetent. How should I position the reason i want to leave when interviewing for new job? I really like my co-workers and board and the mission of the organization. However, my boss is horrible. There is...
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Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
In recent years I have seen a number of companies switch from having separate vacation, sick, and personal time off to an integrated PTO system. Regardless of the reason for not attending work, the employee is charged against his or her accumulated PTO accrual. While...
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Shane Delaney
Title: Senior Group Accountant
Company: Foster Group Cayman
(Senior Group Accountant at Foster Group Cayman)
Hi, Our Marketing manager just brought up the fact that we are looking to redevelop our current website and expand it into an e-commerce suite for our customers. We are a retail supermarket. My question is how much of this work would pertain to a Capital Expense? And how...
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(Director of Finance)
I lead the Finance department here and am having trouble getting a comp plan for our client-facing Account Manager rolled out. Since the last 3 years, commission has been paid on a quarterly basis given we are a small company and I am the only one who can perform the...
Anonymous Member
I'm looking for suggestions, ideas or even examples of key metrics to monitor/dashboard for a site acquisition services business. Labor intensive. Visibility into utilization is short term in nature. Services include lease analysis, zoning, permitting, construction...
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john Olson
Title: Senior Associate, Marketing Programs and..
Company: Radius | Global Growth Experts
(Senior Associate, Marketing Programs and.. at Radius | Global Growth Experts)
Recruiting, developing and retaining talent are fundamental to the success of any business. And in today’s global economy, where businesses often find they must expand globally to compete, you may have to attract and hire talent in an unfamiliar country. As global HR...
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Greg Balgas
Title: Agent
Company: Price
(Agent at Price)
Today I was shown that the 32hrs of sick time I had accrued was reset due to my company changing from lump sum sick leave (3 days)to the accruing sick leave (1hr per 32hrs worked) which takes me from 32hrs sick time available to 2hrs 53mins. My question is this legal to do...
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It appears as if in our industry (retail) we have seen a shift over the last year in new hires. Many older workers (over 40) seem to have the loyalty factor, where they stay in jobs to reach longevity and a career. Our major applicants seem to be much younger (under 30) and...
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We are a SaaS cloud based start up. We are trying to arrive at ARR and MRR for our business. We have both Annual Contracts (>=12m) and Semi-Annual (2m/3m/6m) contracts as well. For calculating ARR we were told that we should consider both the contracts Annual/Semi-Annual...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
In an article by Dave Pelland, he talks about how real-time analytics is almost here for the analysis of transactions. Question: Do you really need real-time? and if you do, what do you perceive as the benefit to your organization?
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(Accounting Manager)
Example: Your warehouse department receives in the wrong product on a receipt. Is it written out somewhere on how they are to correct the error? And should the warehouse notify the accounting department of such error?
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Son Nguyen
Title: CFO
Company: Vinmec
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(CFO at Vinmec)
Hi all, I'd like to change the way we do reporting and is considering Qlik. Have you had experience with this company/platform? If yes, please advice me (quality, customer service, ease of use, price, features etc. or recommend some alternative. Also, can you suggest...
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John O'Rourke
Title: VP of Product Marketing
Company: Host Analytics
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(VP of Product Marketing at Host Analytics)
The key to operating a thriving enterprise is continuously managing performance. Measuring and monitoring business performance relies on a process of defining clear objectives, planning and budgeting, and evaluating progress at established intervals to ensure the company is...