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(bookkeeper) When employees have a deduction taken from their check for charity, and the charity is the organization they are currently working for, how is this handled in Quickbooks? The deduction was made from their paychecks and Its showing up in a revenue account and in a payroll...
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Elton Kelsay
Title: Revenue Audit Manager
Company: Grand Casino
(Revenue Audit Manager at Grand Casino) All tips that employees receive from patrons at a restaurant are collected by the employer and then paid to the employees on their paycheck. Since this is not restaurant funds but rather patron tips, should the restaurant exclude these tips from wages and salaries expense?
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(Director, Business Administration) We have incurred a recruitment expense that is equivalent to a % of the candidate's annual salary. IF they leave for any reason during a one-year period (ie. are terminated or quit), the expense is not refunded but it is deferred to the next search so we would not be...
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Samia Rustom
Title: Account Payable
Company: oilibya sudan
(Account Payable at oilibya sudan)
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Taylor M
Title: consultant
Company: consulting firm
(consultant at consulting firm) Hi can anyone kindly share your opinion on which jobs should I take? Offer 1 :I got an offer as a Financial Analyst from a government contractor that can sponsor my security clearance. Closer to home. Offer 2: An accountant position for a federal government agency This...
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(Owner) Hi all. I am helping a family member who has been holding an investment property for many years in an s corp (bad, I know). Due to depreciation and the rise in market value, his basis is very low. He wants to get a commercial mortgage on the property but has been advised...
Will Turner
Title: Manager
Company: Sapience Cloud
(Manager at Sapience Cloud) QuickBooks Desktop VS Online, which one is the best & why?
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ashok kunwar
Title: accountant
Company: SOS Children's Village, Nepal
(accountant at SOS Children's Village, Nepal) 4 objective key competence required for Job?
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Ray Chow
Title: Trainee accountant
Company: Odyssey
(Trainee accountant at Odyssey) Hi everyone, i just recently got my first accounting job, as a trainee for an outsourcing company that specialises in preparing company tax return for clients in Australia. I have got to say i am really overwhelmed, although i have learned pretty much a lot of basic...
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Sherry Morris
Title: Human Resources
Company: ARCW Insurance
(Human Resources at ARCW Insurance) We are implementing a new PTO policy. Of course change makes people upset. Question we have is this. We are going to a 1/1 reset of PTO. Our PTO goes from 0-1 year, 5 days. If we hire someone in let's say Feb. so from Feb to Dec we pro-rate the 5 days. on 1/1 the PTO is...
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Cynthia Hendrix
Title: Owner
Company: ABRI Services
(Owner at ABRI Services) Do I record these as COGS or are they considered a Banking Expense?
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Lane Sue
Title: None
Company: Siesta Cove
(None at Siesta Cove) Background: The store has run on a POS system selling sodas, chips, gas, etc. for years. The store has also taken payments for rental of camping lots, boat slips, tent sites on this POS for years. Invoices for the rentals have never been on this system, so the owner had...
James J.
Title: Finance | Strategy in Retail
Company: Undisclosed, Inc
(Finance | Strategy in Retail at Undisclosed, Inc) Hi, I wanted to see if anyone has had experience acquiring, organizing, and using competitor information sourced from a (internal) organization's sales team. Do you use a combination of a tech solution w/ business process, outside data provider, proprietary meetings at...
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(Tax Consultant) Has anyone on this forum ever engaged the services of a resume preparation service? How much did it cost? And was it worth it? Were you satisfied with the results? I am in need of a Resume preparation service in the Los Angeles area. I'll appreciate all recommendations
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(Independent Consultant) A company makes Product X and sells to customers. The per unit cost / profit structure is as below. Material cost Cy. 35 Add: Labour and other direct costs (Process A) Cy. 15...
Jim McCloskey
Title: Managing Partner
Company: Catapult CFO Partners
(Managing Partner at Catapult CFO Partners) I see many startups using QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro vs Premier accounting systems.  The problems with these accounting systems is that they do not have an audit trail.  Historical changes can be made in any month, so a simple review of adjsuting entries is...
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Stephanie Young
Title: Office Manager
Company: Small Construction Co.
(Office Manager at Small Construction Co.) We use the Completed Contract Method for a small construction company in QuickBooks. We have A/R from completed contracts from last year that were just paid this week. I made a journal entry to move the amounts from A/R to A/R completed contract for taxes. What account do I...
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john britt
Title: Analyst
Company: MindMajix Technologies Inc
(Analyst at MindMajix Technologies Inc) would like to gather some statistics about the usage of several cubes with Hyperion ESSBASE. I've found this: (" from the official documentation but doesn't seem what I need. What I would like to achieve is...
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(Director of Finance and Operations) **BACKGROUND** We are an enterprise-SaaS startup; our Sales Contracts are typically multi-year agreements. **ASSUME** * Sales person closes a 3-year contract with Total Contract Value (TCV) = 300k * Sales person commission is 10% **QUESTIONS** 1) At the time the Sales...