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Jack Simson
Title: Support
Company: AccountingSky
(Support at AccountingSky) I would like to share a free e-course on Accounting for anyone who wants to refresh their memory about debits and credits. Please let me know what you think about the delivery of the material. Enjoy!
Anonymous Member
(NA) I'm seeking input on integrated systems that can offer employees a great front-end experience, keep HR sane and assure that accounting gets what it needs efficiently and easily (amazing that GL reporting isn't a standard). We have a very aggressive growth plan for the next...
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Robert Watts
Title: None
Company: None
(None at None) Hi there, I'm helping out a friend and I wanted to get some advice please to make sure I have things clear. She is self-employed, and she will be going on some training which she is funding herself. It is relevant to her business, and she tells me it's a mixture of updating...
Anonymous Member
(Finance Professional) One of my clients are involved in the business of importing medical equipment and hiring them out to hospitals. The company does not charge a significant payment from the customer in the initial stage, however recovers the investment through monthly rentals and consumables...
Winston Lui
Title: Assistant Controller @ Pacific Western B..
Company: Pacific Western Brewing
(Assistant Controller @ Pacific Western B.. at Pacific Western Brewing) Hi all!! Our business operates on 90% of its sales via credit card transactions. However, there is a delay of 1-2 business days before we receive funds from our credit card payment processor (eg. Moneris) and into our bank account. This is our current process so far 1....
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(VP Finance) A number of years ago, the company accepted a promissory note from an employee for purpose of acquiring 25,000 shares of its stock at $2 per share. The stock would be paid for with employee's annual bonus. The Note carried a term of five years, accrued interest at 4% per...
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turab Ippo
Title: Analyst
Company: BDCF
(Analyst at BDCF) 1. Production per year: 350 days 2. Production capacity @100% : 1000 Units 3. Capacity utilization in 2017: 90% and in 2018: 92% 4. Work in progress days: 2 days 5. Finished goods inventory: 10 days Assuming except WIP and finished goods inventory, all of the production...
Anonymous Member
(CFO) What is your advice for setting F/X rates in the budgeting process? Should the "budgeted rates" drive hedging strategy?
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Title: Student
Company: Student
(Student at Student) Currently trying to complete M-score analysis for Uni paper. When researching online I'm getting confused on which year should come first for DSRI. So for example do I input 2014 figures then 2013 or 2013 then 2014. For Asset Quality index, what do I include as securities...
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Janice Taylor
Title: CPA
Company: Self
(CPA at Self) A friend just told me that Western CPE has filed chapter 11. I have used them for years. What should I do with my CPE certificates from them, and who should I look at next for CPE?
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Danielle Morriss
Title: Assistant Finance Manager
Company: Miss
(Assistant Finance Manager at Miss) Hi everyone, I'm new to this but could really do with some advice. I work in the construction industry and have dealt with both Financial and Management accounts, however i have a friend who has asked me to do him a favour and help arrange for a company which is based in...
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kimberly kelly
Title: Consultant
Company: Metis Partner Solutions LLC
(Consultant at Metis Partner Solutions LLC) One of my clients is having an issue with QuickBooks Inventory.  They are entering inventory purchases via the "write checks" function and entering the appropriate items/quantities/prices on the "items" tab.  The "expense...
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surendran ramesh
Title: Manager
Company: Kemin
(Manager at Kemin) How to report Machine wise profitability ?
Anonymous Member
(Controller) I am curious if anyone has come across this or has some advice. I am working for SaaS business that has different revenue streams including services and subscriptions. Currently, we bring all of the VP/Directors costs of the customer success team (technical support,...
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joseph leighty
Title: intern
Company: M&M Environmental
(intern at M&M Environmental ) We are interested in upgrading our software to include automated procurement. We have multiple vendors for the same products, and each sell them at differing prices. We want a software that will automatically create a PO or multiple POs based on the lowest price. Most...
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shingi vyas
Title: Senior Accountant
Company: INTM
(Senior Accountant at INTM) My company hired consultant services to recover unemployment taxes at a fee of 10% of the total recovered amount. We got the refund for $10K- booked as credit to Taxes Dr to receivables. I am not sure how to book the 10% - service fee- should it be booked as professional...
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Title: president
Company: urban league
(president at urban league) As a human services agency most of our revenues are derived from providing social services which we have to seek reimbursement from federal, state, and local government. All require backup copies of all invoices and bills for any charge allocated or billed to the grant....
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Anurag Chopra
Title: Mgr
Company: ABC
(Mgr at ABC) Warren Buffett says that rather than only looking at earnings, one most also look at the capital reinvested in the business to generate incremental earnings. Thus, i want to know that how can i calculate, what percentage/ amount of retained earnings was actually invested to...
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Mark Blake
Title: student
Company: vdfd
(student at vdfd) Sherburn plc has sufficient material Y in stock for a year’s production of “Stingfree”. Material Y costs £8,000 but is subject to major price variations; the current market value is double the original cost. It could be sold at the market price less 15% selling expenses. An...