Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

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john Olson
Title: Senior Associate, Marketing Programs and..
Company: Radius | Global Growth Experts
(Senior Associate, Marketing Programs and.. at Radius | Global Growth Experts)
By Pik Wong, Senior Consultant, Employment Taxes When it comes to employee compensation, equity reward is often seen as a complex area to be avoided. In reality, equity rewards...
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Curtis Barthold
Title: SVP Finance and Administration
Company: Wild Planet Entertainment
(SVP Finance and Administration at Wild Planet Entertainment)
I'm working with a startup that has issued common stock to both employees and several Advisors. They are using deferred compensation line in the GL to book the unvested portion for...
Anonymous Member
(Equity Compensation Manager)
I work for a publicly-traded company that offers an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) to its employees. The discount is currently 5% off the market value of the company's stock...
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(Director of Corporate Treasury)
My company considers issuing a phantom stock plan as an incentive mechanism for some of our management. Our turnover is over 20%, so we are looking for a way to retain leaders of our...
Anonymous Member
Hello, We are a private company. One of our employees has exercised his stock options by a promissory note. How should this transaction be journalized in our accounting system? Once he...
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Atul Madahar
Title: Director
Company: Anonymous
(Director at Anonymous)
Dear Proformative Friends and Neighbors, Thank you for your responses to my previous questions... very, very helpful. My current firm is considering forming a new company to address a...
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Robert Hawn
Title: Partner
Company: Strategy Law, LLP
(Partner at Strategy Law, LLP)
I spend a lot of time talking to founders of Silicon Valley start-ups about the stock they will receive in exchange for their contributions to their new company, and then preparing...
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Jim Timmins
Title: Managing Director
Company: Teknos Associates
(Managing Director at Teknos Associates)
If your company transferred shares to employees during 2013, then it likely faces a deadline for providing information to the employees by January 31, 2014 and to the Internal Revenue...
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Scott Broberg
Title: Director of Finance
Company: DSP Group
(Director of Finance at DSP Group)
Employees purchase ESPP stock at a discount on December 31st 2009 and sell January 4th 2010 as part of a same day sale, is the 3922 IRS reporting based on the purchase or sell date?...
Anonymous Member
My company went public many years back under different financial leadership. We are on a major exchange. We had some ups and downs and are now having some ups, happily. We are looking...
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Peter Boyd
Title: Principal
Company: Boyd Family Partners
(Principal at Boyd Family Partners)
Apparently if you but stock of a small corp (under $50 MM assets) during the above referenced time frame, and then hold the stock for five years, when you subsequently sell the stock,...
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Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
I've discussed the allocation of equity in an earlier post; here I discuss restrictions on equity linked to retention of founders and execsWhen founders and executives get...