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Will Turner
Title: Manager
Company: Sapience Cloud
(Manager at Sapience Cloud) QuickBooks Desktop VS Online, which one is the best & why?
Anonymous Member
(Accountant) We are planning on purchasing a significant amount of large metal trays that will be used with our manufacturing equipment. Individually, they only cost about $300, but in total will put us back about $180K - they all will be purchased at the same time. Can we capitalize...
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Jenna Alcantara
Title: Bookkeeper
Company: Nick&susie
(Bookkeeper at Nick&susie) My family has a very small rental business and uses quickbooks 2015 for the bookkeeping. We have book keeper in one state, an a accountant in another. I'm wondering if the multi user will work for us or if we need the online package? Thank you.
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(Accounting) A manufacturing company has a vast line of products, e.g. product A which is being classified into alot of SKUs , i.e. grades, class, sizes and etc. On a per product basis, these are being broken down into alot of by-products which also has of SKUs.
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Sufyan Alvi
Title: Assistant Manager
Company: Nyumba Ya Akiba SA
(Assistant Manager at Nyumba Ya Akiba SA) Hi, I want to ask that when we collect previously written-off receivable, we make entry of Dr Cash Cr Allowance for Doubtful Debts. And, earlier we had already passed an entry of Dr Bad Debt Expense Cr Allowance for Doubtful Debts In the above case, we put the...
Dilan White
Title: owner
Company: White's restaurant
(owner at White's restaurant) I'm going to open my first restaurant soon and my friend recommended to use this POS system for restaurants I can't find any testimonials, looks like the company is pretty young and isn't famous yet but my friend states it works well and has a great...
Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.) A restaurant’s success relies on an effective back office accounting system, and QuickBooks financial software can be a critical part of that success. QuickBooks can be used for purchasing, bill paying, tips tracking, gift certificates, cash management, time tracking...
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Camille Johnson
Title: Accounting Assistant
Company: Amitabh Bhatnagar CPA, CA
(Accounting Assistant at Amitabh Bhatnagar CPA, CA) Looking to switch from CCH iFirm to something else. Thank you!
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Anonymous Member
(Manager, Tax Accounting) Hello, I'm a CPA with 16 years of experience listed below from the latest to oldest 5.5 years Tax Accounting (ASC740) 3.5 years private company financial reporting 7.0 years Big 4 public accounting firm (Financial audits) I feel I'm hitting a road block in my career. I've...
Matt Moradi
Title: Accounting specialist / Bookkeeper
Company: Neuvoo
(Accounting specialist / Bookkeeper at Neuvoo) Hi all, I was wondering, for auditing purposes, do I need to have document explaining Rent payment? or for example some expenses like office cleaning, that we pay cash on receipt (By check- no invoice or bill) Generally, for expenses without Bill, what is the procedure and...
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(Strategic program manager) Hello. We purchased several fixed assets at a significant discount because a similar company was going out of business. In our financials, we recorded the assets at cost and they are depreciating in accordance with policy. Does replacement value need to be factored into the...
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Daniel Magliari
Title: Principal.
Company: Magliari and Associates
(Principal. at Magliari and Associates) I am working for a privately held company that has recently acquired a couple of subsidiaries internationally.  We currently need to provide an intercompany loans to two of the subs (located in Germany and Taiwan).  The subs are wholly owned by the parent. In...
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Matt Capozzi
Title: Controller
Company: Brogan Landscaping
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(Controller at Brogan Landscaping) An insurance audit created an additional bill for premium to my company. That audit covered a period between November 2016 and march 2017. A CPA firm completes the owners taxes for the company and has already completed taxes for 2016 and 2017. The company is an LLC so going...
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(Director of Finance/Controller) GDBR law will become effective on 05/25. Just wonder if any companies in US having no entity in EU are required to implement this law or not. If so, please share the implementation experience in terms of implementation cost and resource.
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(Entrepreneur) Hey all, I am currently struggling trying to figure out how to best structure my sales forecast. A small part of our business we have a fixed unit price and a goal for how many we want to sell of each per month at a predefined unit price. The main part of our business...
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Diwakar Dev
Title: Developer
Company: Elumba Technology
(Developer at Elumba Technology ) we need Erp software with complete source code we need some basic need in erp, bos ,pos , sales/purchase , Inventory , Multiple organization , If it is ok then we can continue Thank you ,
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Inderpal Singh
Title: Learner
Company: XYZ
(Learner at XYZ) I am getting mailers for job openings in Regulatory Reporting and External Reporting. Can anyone pls help me in understanding the same. And, which area among these are more beneficial in terms of career growth.