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Elke Vanwijnsberghe
Title: Founder
Company: Plantracker
(Founder at Plantracker) I am currently creating an online platform where people can offer services. A simple example to explain. Person X is very talented in service design and offers his services on the platform. Company Y urgently needs help for designing a new client offering and decides to...
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Jake Mora
Title: Owner
Company: JM3 Corp
(Owner at JM3 Corp) The purpose of this is to reduce paper and simplify organization in the event of an audit. This is not a question to incite debate: Is there a trusted, easy app (Google or AppStore) that employees/subcontractors can utilize to quickly scan receipts? I do not need it to...
Jessica Bozzo
Title: Content Project Manager-Finance
Company: Argyle Executive Forum
(Content Project Manager-Finance at Argyle Executive Forum) Share your 2018 insights and challenges with us, and we will deliver better content and webinars to you. Proformative is always looking to improve, and we can’t do that without YOU.  We want to hear about your interests for the rest of 2018 in this quick, 5-...
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Maria Daniels
Title: Owner/operator
Company: Reset Business Consulting
(Owner/operator at Reset Business Consulting) I am a smaller business. I am considering hiring someone to work for me on a commission basis. I know whenever I first started in the industry I work for commission. I am not sure the best way to approach this. Should I pay a small hourly wage, and commission on top of...
Susan Scott
Title: HR Manager
Company: Private
(HR Manager at Private) Since this is not a job interview, although this question does get asked in interviews, please try to answer without regard to how it may reflect upon you. I know, that is not easy! I'll start things off. On the most basic level, I enjoy talking with people. My job...
Srikanth lakshminarayanan
(SR.ASST MANAGER-FINANCE at PANSONIC MARKETING MIDDLEEST FZE) I would like to have basic knowledge on VAT which is going to be implemented in UAE.
Brent Balog
Title: Accounting Assistant
Company: Biospringer
(Accounting Assistant at Biospringer) I'm studying for the CPA and it says that under revenue recognition when you have a "call option" to repurchase an asset at a later date for more consideration than the sale price you would book an Debit to interest expense and a Credit to financial liability for the...
Anonymous Member
(CEO) I am in investor in a small business that makes asset backed hard money loans (typically 2-month to 24-month). We are looking for a line of credit against the current collateral to make additional loans. We are seeing a lot of opportunity. Loans include a mix of...
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Blair Illiano
Title: N/A
Company: N/A
(N/A at N/A) Running your own in-house accounting services may have worked well for your business so far, but if you’re looking to cut some costs and save some money, then outsourcing your accounting services to a professional team could help you do just that. But things are fine...
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Diane Robbins
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
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Chris Peterson
Title: Accountant
Company: Xcel Energy
(Accountant at Xcel Energy) Need career advice on how to get out of the nightmare situation that I’m in. My LinkedIn profile: Working for a large utility company in Minneapolis/Saint Paul that rarely hires anyone who starts as a contractor. I have...
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(Accounting Manager) Along with that question, what size is your company? Have you changed HR software as your organization has grown? If so, what benchmark did you use to know the time to change was coming?
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(accounting) We are a small start up (75 people) and looking into HRIS providers, we narrowed it down to SilkRoad red Carpet and Heartbeat, or Bamboo HR +Benetrac so far . Anyone here has used either: Silkroad is much more integrated and more powerful, but maybe overly complex for our...
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(Accountant) Wanted to get input regarding accounting for a currency swap as haven’t done this before: Near Leg: Value Date: 07/04/2018 Amounts: GBP 100,000 EUR (113,992.61) Far leg: Value Date 07/07/2018 Amounts: GBP (100,000) EUR 113,648.10 What is the correct double entry to...
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Oliver Booker
Title: CEO
Company: Advantage Behavioral Health Systems
(CEO at Advantage Behavioral Health Systems) My company is a NFP, 420-FTE, $29M, 10-county, publicly funded community behavioral health provider system. We provide many programs to ensure a complete continuum of care for the mentally ill and those in addiction. We have been very willing to create new programs for...
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Janice Taylor
Title: CPA
Company: Self
(CPA at Self) A friend just told me that Western CPE has filed chapter 11. I have used them for years. What should I do with my CPE certificates from them, and who should I look at next for CPE?
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Olive O
Title: Controller
Company: P&P
(Controller at P&P) If a contract's effective date is in October but was signed in December, would rev recognition begin in Oct or Dec? Considering we haven't adopted the new standards
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Tommy Barzola
Title: Manager
Company: Wintrust Bank
(Manager at Wintrust Bank) Good day all Under FASB 91, as a lender we are to recognize loan origination fees and costs over the life of the loan. In my office there is some discrepancy of how we go about accounting for this. Can someone explain the proper way to record these fees? Since we are not...