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(Accountant) How would you preform the journal entries for a client that is disputing claiming a shortage, but are deducting that from their payment to us that is an accounts receivable. I am counter disputing as I have signed BOLs and proof, how do I write these entries, so that I can...
Lee Johnston
Title: VP, Finance and Corporate Strategy
Company: LT Apparel Group
(VP, Finance and Corporate Strategy at LT Apparel Group) I'm looking for a comparison compensation management solutions, specifically PayScale and's CompAnalyst. I'd like something more robust than a survey management tool - something that will facilitate the merit increase process and generate employee compensation...
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(CFO) We are renewing our line with our bank. We have a great relationship but I want to make sure that our pricing is good relative to current market conditions. We are a middle market company with excellent credit and only use the line for seasonal working capital needs. Our...
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(Treasurer) I'm the treasurer for a small non-profit. I'm sorry, but I just cannot figure out the adjusting journal entries for the following scenario. We do not use a payable account - our purchases are all paid in cash. Seven months ago we paid a group of invoices for services to...
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elizabeth kendall
Title: Manager, Inside Sales
Company: Anixter Power Solutions
(Manager, Inside Sales at Anixter Power Solutions) I have a customer that is wanting me to bill them for material we have not shipped them yet because they want to get the invoice in this months budget. The last company I worked for had a stringent training for SOX and I was always told never issue an invoice before goods...
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Wade Senti
Title: Accountant
Company: AML
(Accountant at AML) Hi - we use Quickbooks Pro. I am new to the company and not familiar at the expert level with Quickbooks. Our company policy requires an accrual of earned personal time over the course of an employees time with the company, in accordance with ASC 710-10-25-1. We need to...
Paul Shapiro
Title: Startup CFO Consultant
Company: Paul G. Shapiro, CPA
(Startup CFO Consultant at Paul G. Shapiro, CPA) My company sells internet bandwidth and storage for rich media companies, on a recurring revenue model.  There are many exceptions to our standard deal and a lot of unusual billing requirements.  We are currently using Excel to track our contracts and sales...
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Anonymous X
Title: Senior Management Accountant
Company: TBC
(Senior Management Accountant at TBC) Hi, I'm hoping you can help me with how I should be treating a IT invoice with regards to capitalisation treatment. We utilise a software programme to manage various parts of our business (both from an operational and accounting perspective). In this instance we have been...
Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: CEO & COO
Company: Treasury Careers
LinkedIn Profile
(CEO & COO at Treasury Careers) I saw an article on this topic on LinkedIn and thought it would great to get some comments from the Proformative Community. From my own experience, I was asked "if you could give one person poison that would end their life or put it into a pond that could kill no one...
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Chantell Soileau
Title: sales
Company: flooring direct
(sales at flooring direct)
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Title: Senior Controller
Company: SO Corner Prop Mgmt
(Senior Controller at SO Corner Prop Mgmt) Hi Everyone, Last year in February 2017, I saw a wire transfer to a dealership in Santa Monica. The wire description mentioned one of my staff's name. The wire was sent by one of our co-trustee (P). At the time, I thought the trustee (P) will give me the wire back up and an...
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(Senior Financial Analyst) Hello, All! I am trying to determine the proper way to account for the following scenarios in a new business: Scenario 1:  a) We purchase several thousand depreciable assets off of a customer and determine a total "credit" or "discount" amount equal to the book value of all...
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Stacy Huffmon
Title: Manager
Company: Fast Entertainment LLC
(Manager at Fast Entertainment LLC) I have a really bad feeling that I had employee's stealing from one of our restaurants by writing up sales tickets, acquiring the money and then never officially ringing the sale up in the POS. I found several of these that didn't reconcile to the POS and other logs from...
Anonymous Member
(Senior Accountant) Hello, I was hoping to get some insight from the knowledgeable accountants ..I am new to common/preferred stock options...This is currently at our company and I am not sure how to record into financials.. Question: We are issuing common stock as below with vesting schedule...
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(CFO) We currently have an audio visual department who reports into operations and an IT department that reports into finance (CFO). This was fine a few years ago when the AV hardware requirements were small and they were mainly setting up projectors, speakers, etc for special...
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Elvin Avdalli
Title: AP Director
Company: BTQ financial
(AP Director at BTQ financial) Accounts Payable - The company I work for is trying to get all the vendors to accept ACH payments instead of checks. We do not have enough staff resources to call each vendor and request their bank info. Is there a company out there that can take this task on and serve a...
Anonymous Member
(Controller) Can someone point me to the guidance for capitalized costs incurred in the demolition and reconstruction of Office Bathrooms with respect to renting portable toilets? The demolition and construction costs to tear down the old bathrooms and create new bathrooms is a given....
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(Accountant) Please what's the IFRS treatment for slow moving spares after some years eg 2years... Should it be capitalised?
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Jacalyn Assink
Title: Director Foundation Accounting
Company: Dignity Health
(Director Foundation Accounting at Dignity Health) We are recording an allowance for bad debt. We debit bad debt expense and credit a contra Revenue Account. I an finding that we are rolling the bad debt expense into Contribution Revenue on the Statement of changes in Net Assets. THis does't seem correct to me.
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Demetra Guillory
Title: Medical assistant
Company: Cy-Pain and Spine
(Medical assistant at Cy-Pain and Spine) Is it legal to put PTO hours back that are used just to avoid regular pay overtime?