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Ben Paramore
Title: Chief Financial Officer
(Chief Financial Officer) There are two types of financial leadership roles in a business - controller and CFO. There are two types of financial leadership roles in a business - controller and CFO. They are not the same and neither of these is the same role as accountant. Some companies combine the...
Kent Thomas
Title: Founder
Company: Advanced CFO Solutions
(Founder at Advanced CFO Solutions) I am looking for a solution like Appian ( that is affordable for a small / medium sized business. We are looking for something to automate business processes / forms and need an affordable way to handle these forms on-line with workflows (approval &...
Nancy Tso
Title: Head of Client Service
Company: SkyStem
(Head of Client Service at SkyStem) Here is a story of what people used to do with Excel, back in the day… (here’s the full article) Forgive me if I now divert into telling you a quick story about my time spent on the Microsoft Excel team way back in 1991. (Yes, I know you were not born yet...
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priya singh
Title: SMS Marketing
Company: SMS World
(SMS Marketing at SMS World) It is a difficult question because there are many Bulk SMS Service provider in Bangalore and India, one cannot say the company is the Best Bulk SMS Service provider. It is all totally depend on the service quality and support system of the particular company.
Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.)   Intuit releases updates to supported versions of QuickBooks quite often, and this is the time of year when we seem to see a lot of updates. That means it is a good time to talk about fixing QuickBooks installation errors. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing...
Anonymous Member
(SVP) Any suggestions on a cloud-based solution to manage projects (small to medium projects...nothing too complicated) AND human resource management? Project management software is readily available. I'm also looking to be able to see and manage what my direct reports are...
Anonymous Member
(Medical) Hello. I'm in dire need of some advice. I made non deductible contributions to an IRA thinking I could easily convert it over to a ROTH IRA. So I did exactly that about 4 times last year. Unfortunately, I did not realize I would be subject to taxation since I have a...
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David Levy
Title: CFO
Company: NAMI
(CFO at NAMI) My small consulting firm (15 employees) currently uses different applications for project management (Microsoft Project), project time tracking (BigTime), CRM (Avidian Prophet) and Quick Books for our financials. We are interested in finding a single application that...
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Tim Williams
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private) I am still stuck in the world of Gantt charts in terms of project management software tools. I am looking for some advice to help get me into this decade in terms of project managent software tools. I am thinking that there must be some good SaaS based solutions?
Anonymous Member
(Chief Financial Officer) Our auditor is suggesting to adjust the current year portion of the adjustment to P&L and charge all prior period amounts directly to retained earnings in the financials. Alternatively we can charge the full under provision amount to current year P...
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Jake Sieckman
Title: Fire Controlmen
Company: US Navy
(Fire Controlmen at US Navy) Hey guys! So I'm currently in the Navy, looking to get out in 498 days. I'm trying to plan out my separation and begin preparing my civilian life. I'm extremely interested in being an accountant. I'll be 26 when i separate, and i have about 3 years til I'll earn a degree (...
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Jae Lee
Title: Senior Accountant
Company: SURKUS
(Senior Accountant at SURKUS) Hi, We have a formar officer who sold the stock options in 2017 so basically, we paid him 100k and he bought it for $500 back in 2015. What tax form do i need to use to file? I think 1099-DIV but not even sure what number box to use. Thank you for your help. Jae
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Vincent Ryan
Title: Editor in chief
Company: CFO
(Editor in chief at CFO) This is a question to ask yourself. has created an interactive decision tree to help you organize your thoughts on whether it’s an apt time to test the employment waters. Click on the link to go through the series of "yes/no" questions.
Anonymous Member
(Accounting Manager) I am new (contractor) to this company and received a notice from the owner saying that an old 940 filing was delinquent. It is from 2016. The owner claims that the IRS also has the entity mis-represented as a "general partnership" even though it is a disregarded entity......
Anonymous Member
(Student) Hello, The situation I have is I want to move pre-tax funds (payment for services) from company A (I do not own) to company B (I do own) this is as simple as writing a check. As of right now company B is an LLC. My question is, if I deposit the money into the business...
Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.) In recent years I have seen a number of companies switch from having separate vacation, sick, and personal time off to an integrated PTO system. Regardless of the reason for not attending work, the employee is charged against his or her accumulated PTO accrual. While...