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Danielle DehmlerBuckley
Title: VP Finance
Company: BlogFrog, Inc.
(VP Finance at BlogFrog, Inc.)
We're a fast growing tech start-up and want a tool that pulls our financial, salesforce, and analytics data.  We'd like the data real time and in the cloud so we can give...
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Chris Shumate
Title: Corporate Accountant
Company: Empire Corporation of Tennessee, Inc.
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(Corporate Accountant at Empire Corporation of Tennessee, Inc.)
What are new staffers missing when it comes to their knowledge of financial analysis? It becomes easier for us as we progress in our career to read financial information and know what...
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Sharon Desser
Title: Director of Finance
Company: sharondesser
(Director of Finance at sharondesser)
I was tasked with preparing pro forma financial statements for 2013-2015 by a Board Member who is responsible for secure capital investment. I prepared these reports, which in excel,...
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Mrunmayee Sail
Title: Support Executive
Company: Saint Gobain
(Support Executive at Saint Gobain)
Hi, Kindly suggest me the best open source BI tool for Reporting and Querying purpose for corporate use. Thanks. Regards, Mrunmayee
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blair illiano
Title: N/A
Company: N/A
(N/A at N/A)
Running your own in-house accounting services may have worked well for your business so far, but if you’re looking to cut some costs and save some money, then outsourcing your...
Anonymous Member
We are a manufacturing company that uses our own product during the construction of our assets. In QuickBooks, how do you account for the use of our product for an asset?
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Kathleen Reardon
Title: Controller
Company: South Shore YMCA
(Controller at South Shore YMCA)
Hello, has anyone here used or implemented Docuware? looking for feedback on pros/cons. if a quick discussion is preferred over e-mail please let me know.. thanks!
Anonymous Member
(Board Advisor and Investor)
I'm based in Silicon Valley. So maybe the tight job market is compounding this situation. I'm an advisor to several tech start up companies, most of which use PEO providers...
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James Morales, CFA
Title: FP&A Manager
Company: Simply Health Care Plans
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(FP&A Manager at Simply Health Care Plans)
Looking to revamp how we plan and forecast our FTE headcount. Looking for ideas on how you do this in your shops, specifically: - Do you use any planning software besides Excel to...
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Len Green
Title: Performance Improvement Consultant and E..
Company: BT Partners, LLP
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(Performance Improvement Consultant and E.. at BT Partners, LLP)
Looking for suggestions on ERP software that works in the furniture manufacturing vertical-the company makes residential cabinetry. It is in the $15-$25MM revenue range. Some names I...
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Mike Long
Title: Manager
Company: Private Equity Administrators LLC
(Manager at Private Equity Administrators LLC)
Hi Guys, I need to identify Saas based ledger systems that i can use for a new start-up with operations in US and Chile. Prfereable the Chilean ledger is in spanish and obviosly needs...
Anonymous Member
I’m in HR at a medium-sized company and am tasked with conducting an initial phone screen of applicants, in this case for the position of BI Analyst. What would be some good...
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Marc Ostroff
Title: CFO
Company: Atomic Fiction
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(CFO at Atomic Fiction)
I'm in the market for a new fixed assets management program. I inherited a BNA file which we transitioned to BNAWEB last year or so. The two big problems I have is that (a) the web...
Anonymous Member
For a new capex software that is being implemented (such as a new website, mobile app, CRM, accounting system, etc), what are the accounting rules for what project costs can be...
Anonymous Member
To add a little detail, we're a $6 million home services small business that is going to become a medium size business by the end of this decade. We're fairly early in the...
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Susan Wayland
Title: Chief Financial Officer and Director of ..
Company: San Francisco Day School
(Chief Financial Officer and Director of .. at San Francisco Day School)
I am looking for some best practice information on the allocation of warehousing costs to COGS.  Right now we write off warehouse costs each month - we are a small manufacturer...
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scott graves
Title: CFO
Company: Armstrong Teasdale LLC
(CFO at Armstrong Teasdale LLC)
We are in the process of implementing Performance Boards in the Finance / Accounting department to document, track and drive performance.  Initially, we discussed tracking on a...
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Michael Goldberg
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: MG Financial
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(Chief Financial Officer at MG Financial)
I currently have a health care broker for our 11 person small technology start up in NY. I really like his service but am intrigued by the HR software of Zenefits. I am not fond of the...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
I have been involved in start-ups to the $100M business segment for most of my career.  What is almost universal is that most business owners, whether first-timers or serial...
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Donald Cameron
Title: Treasurer
Company: Direct Auction Services
(Treasurer at Direct Auction Services)
Can anyone recommend a GL report writer that integrates with Qucikbooks Online data? We need to (want to) be able to perform analytical calculations within financial reports that are...