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John P. Hart
(Vice Pres - CFO at Nova Pressroom Products, LLC)
We're seeing an increase in Credit/P-Card payments for B2B transactions. Some are P-cards intended for rather immediate payment following the typical PO -> Order Confo ->...
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Judy Juan
(Director of Internal Audit at Northern Westchester Hospital)
I find it quite challenging to move from internal auditing in one industry to internal auditing in another industry.  The feedback is usually a requirement in experience/skills...
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Christopher Webb
(Accounting Manager at Private)
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Philippe Gelis
Title: CEO
Company: Kantox
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(CEO at Kantox)
When considering companies transacting in foreign currencies, only 17% of them have experienced no FX loss or gains in 2012. This means that for 83% of them, the CFO has let the...
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Bruce Lynn
(Managing Partner at The FECG LLC)
Many of the most credit worthy companies have more cash on hand today than they have had in the last 10 years (i.e. pre trhe "great recession"). According to several news...
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Mohan Giridharadas
(CEO at LeanTaaS Inc)
 Given the complex set of accounting and tax regulations in each country around the globe, not to mention FCPA compliance, multi-nationals have to resort to a wide range of...
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Anonymous Member
I worked for a privately held company which is a subsidiary of a foreign company. Currently on the balance sheet there is a bug liability on the books (due to the parent) which is...
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Scott Gunn
(CFO at In-Transition)
Accurate cash forecasting is all but impossible without a well defined sustainable process. A quality cash forecasting process sets the table for success and forecasting cash without...
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Monica Ross
(Director of Strategic Projects at Parsons Electric LLC)
We are interested in gathering competitive proposals for our banking relationship including line of credit, payroll and all daily transaction accounts. We are a mid-sized company of...
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Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.)
One of the areas that needs improvement in QuickBooks is how they deal with online banking  – importing transactions from your bank to add and reconcile your bank...
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Abdirisak Geeldoon
(Chief Accountant at Salaam Financial Services)
I am planning to open a new cash exchange company which will exchange USD with local currency what is the simplest program to use in my transactions and reports (if you know free...
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Scott Cadora
(Vice President at Pinnacle Business Solutions, Inc.)
We are planning a project that will require a number of independent contractors. We had been planning to pay these IC's by ACH. However, several of the IC's have requested that...
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Wayne Spivak
(President & CFO at
We've all read Business Plans (or written them). What, in your opinion is a deal killer. One of my favorites is perusing the financials and seeing the Owners compensation plan in...
Anonymous Member
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
We have a certain number of common shares authorized by our board. We have that many shares outstanding now if you include our current option grants and remaining option pool. We are...
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Amber Post
(Treasurer at J. R. Simplot)
I'd like to see how other firms organize their teams.  Thank you.
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Edward Abbati
(Vice President of Finance at Location Labs)
For the past several years, we have simply invested our cash in CD/MM securities.  As you know the interest rate is 1/2 percent point or less.  I have been looking into...
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Julie Lam
(Controller at Port of Oakland)
Every year our company distributes an annual bonus to our employees of which there is an element of surprise in the amount of the bonus.  It's mostly based on the...
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Anand Goel
(CEO at Optimized Payments Consulting)
Hello, Can anyone provide insight as to where fraud departments relating to credit card payments reside within their organizations. I'm thinking of both internal fraud (employees...